Hello, my name is Austin I am currently a student working in my A.A in engineering wanting to learn web development. I would like to one day work in web development or software engineering. I plan on majoring in computer next year when I transfer to university.


Hello everybody, my name is Joe. I am an IT professional with 18 years of experience. I am looking to change gears and get into the programming/web development profession. I am excited about the journey ahead and conquering the desert of despair.


Good luck Austin, if you need any help or just want someone to collaborate with let me know.


Brandon here. Absolute noob but motivated. Looking to relocate to Arizona by the top of the year and aspiring to gain a fulfilling career that pays well, offers a great work/life balance and gives me the opportunity to work remotely to afford my many travel desires. In it to learn it, win it, and be great. Best wishes to all!


Hi my name is Jacqueline. I live in Louisiana. I am new to all of this but am eager to learn. Once I am ready, I am looking to land a great job.


Hi, my name is Edwin. I’m from PR and starting the Web Development path. I’m studying computer engineering but taking a break because planning a relocation to Miami and I’m eager to learn and hone my skills to get a job in the near future. Wish success to everyone!


Hello - my name is James and I am brand new to TOP. I have just taken interest in web development and came looking for direction. I’m not necessary looking to change careers but the work I do leaves me quite a bit of time free to explore. This looks like a really good place to start.


Hi everyone, my name is James and i just joined this community.
I’m still a toddler when it comes to coding but I’m willing to learn because coding is the future. …Really exited to be here.


Hi everyone! I’m Yen (nickname), I am a 25 year old woman currently living in Philly. I work in finance. I have grown disinterested in my work and really want to transition into tech and web development. So I have found myself here with you all! I’m excited for what this new venture will yield!


Hi everyone, i’m David Mahecha, i am 22 years old and living in Colombia, i really want to become a programmer because i love everything about computers, i’m a begginer so i have to work really hard on this