Hi everyone! My name is Ben. I’ve been pondering on the best way to start my web development journey for a fair while now. It is always something that has interested me, and hopefully one day it will give me a path away from my current job which unfortunately bores me senseless! It’s time to make the leap!


Hello World! My Name is Tomás i’m from Paraguay, so, i was searching a way to learn how to code, and i found The Odin Project, after reading what was about i think it’s amazing, now i’m here wanted to code and meet a lot of people around the world to colaborate with and who knows, meet new friends.


Hi all :smile: . Love how big the community is!, I am currently a student from South Africa who’s dream is to startup my own company that does website and application development. I found this project when trying to add to my skills. :slight_smile:


Hi, I’m Federico from Argentina and I’m new to coding too!


Hi. My name is Lukáš (š == sh :smiley: )and I’m from Slovakia. I randomly stumbled upon the oddin project and decided to stick to it cause I feel like I’m in the “confusion desert” of my programming path, so I’m glad I found this platform. Hopefully it’ll motivate me to go further and finally become a web developer:))

Good luck to all of you fellow rookies ! :slight_smile:


Hi everyone! My name is Jade I’m from the United States and I’m currently enrolled to get an Associate’s Degree in software development! I’m expected to graduate next spring with my degree! I was introduced to The Odin Project via classmate who has gone through the course, and feel that this program has beneficial skills for me to learn to be fully prepared to enter the work force at graduation! Hopefully at the end of this I will be one step closer to becoming a developer! :slight_smile:


Hello, my name is Rafiq I’m from the United States and I’m looking to improve my coding skills through the Odin Project, in order to land more stable employment. The first step in what should be an exciting journey for me.


Hello World! This is Jacob starting my journey on Web Dev with TOP! Looking forward to the Journey.


I’ve been meaning to learn how to code for a long time, and finally have a project that I’d like to learn with.
Looking forward to this!


Hello Everyone! My name is Matt from Arizona. I am completely new to coding but really want to understand how it works and use it to progress my career!


Hi, I’m April and I’m twelve years old. I want to learn to code for future job prospects and because it seems like a great creative outlet. I already have some experience in HTML and CSS but none in actual programming languages.


Hello guys, I’m Nucleomante form mexico city and I’m eager to learn code, I had a boring job at an office in the government and I don’t want to look back. Good luck everybody!


Hi. My name is Fabrício, from Brazil. I am very old but I want to learn how to develop software. :slight_smile:


Hello, my name is DJ and I am brand new to coding. I feel as though I am a bit old to be starting out, but at 30 I figure it’s not too late to think about what I want to do with my life.
Computers have always seemed like magic to me but I am hoping to figure out what makes them work on a more intimate level.


Hello! I am andres from Venezuela and I am newbie too.


Hi everyone, I’m Jessica from Mexico. Like the rest of you, I’m here to learn how to code and hopefully start a new career and build some great things. Best of luck to you all in your coding journey :muscle:


Hello, I am Carlos and I am new to coding :slight_smile:


Hi all, my name is Jamie and I want to learn how to build useful and unique tools/websites online.

I have experience with HTML and some CSS from my job and a book I was previously working through but wanted to find a more hands-on and up-to-date resource for building on my current knowledge. I’ll be working through the Odin Project to get more comfortable with CSS and to introduce myself to JavaScript.


Hey, Everyone! I’m Tom! I have been interested in learning to code since #learntocode trended on Twitter a few months back!


Hey y’all! Will here - I’ve always been interested in programming but have never been able to devote the time or energy to it. TOP looks like a fantastic resource and I can’t wait to dig in!