Hello everyone! my name is Fortune, I’m from Nigeria and new to coding. I joined the Odin project to learn how to become a world class web developer in order to build a fulfilled career and get a great job as a Web developer.


Hello, I’m Frankie and I’m also new to coding. :grin:


@Hearmyplea, I am also new to coding…I’m trying to download and install VM and Linux on my computer.


hi! :wave:


Hi everyone, I’m also new to coding as well! My name is Marcus and I’m from Los Angeles. I joined the Odin Project to get better at web development and possibly change my lifestyle for the better.


Hey guys, I’m Kim and I’m from Ohio trying to learn something new as a career choice. :yum:


Hey everyone, I’m Cory! I live in GA and I’m trying to finally stick with learning coding and getting a new career.


Moin moin, I’m Nina and I’m a Brazilian living in Hamburg. I’m new to The Odin Project and am trying to make a life and career change going into coding.


hi. I am new here. I am a 25 year old woman from the netherlands. I am starting a course in web development around october this year and just want to be familiar with coding before then!


Hello my name is Melissa and I am new to coding. I’m hoping to learn a lot from the Odin Project. Take care everyone and have a lovely day.


Hey everyone! My name is Dane (23, USA), and I joined the Odin Project to learn a new skill and connect with my little brother. Being in the Navy, I don’t get to see him much, and learning to code seems like a great way for us both to learn a productive skill, as well as connect with each-other despite the long distances that separate us.


Hi guys! I’m Dillon, and I can’t wait to get started here!


Hello everyone!My name is Mike,I am also new to coding…


Hi! I’m Donna and I’m excited to learn coding!


Hi there!
I’m Erin, a bartender and musician from Virginia with a bachelor’s in English. Looking to teach myself the skills to eventually move beyond pouring drinks, and into a field that will challenge me while also getting me paid. Maybe I’ll even pay off a student loan???


Hello everyone,

My name is Wally - I’m here to learn code. My story? I faked an admin I.T career in hardware procurement and security and I’ve done well out of it. However, I’m bored senseless and need a new challenge - I literally have no idea how this is going to work out but I’m here because I came across ‘The Odin Project’ and plot to use all that’ free work time’ to develop!


Hello everyone! I am a fresh graduate with a goal to learn Web Development in 2 months! I hope I succeed with your help :slight_smile:


Hello everyone! My name is Randy and I’m a software dev for a bank. Just on here to freshen up my portfolio and learn some web dev skills :slight_smile:


Hi everyone! My name is David, I’ve been a mobile a developer for just over 2 years now and looking to broaden my skills and gain a better understanding of web and backend.


Hi! I’m Isabel. I’m trying to learn more about front end web development and JavaScript for my internship.