Hello, from New Jersey. Read on reddit that the odin project is the best place to learn coding, so trying it out. brand new to coding. looking forward to trying it out. thanks!


Hi I’m Margo. I want to learn web development so I can build websites


salut. from France also. You just got into coding?


Hi! I’m Sheila. I live in Japan. I want to attend a programming boot-camp in Malaysia this year at a school called Next Academy. I don’t want to go there without any knowledge so I joined TOP. Hope you guys can share your knowledge with me. Like we say here yoroshiku(thanks in advance)!


I’m Danny from Israel, trying to learn how to code like everyone else. I’m told that my first steps are HTML, CSS, and JS. Finding it very tedious at times.


Hi there, I am Koray from Turkey. I am a mechanical engineer but I figured I like coding and software developing more. I want to create my own website which will have a big impact on the internet. Hope I can learn a lot from The Odin Project.


Hi Amanda! That’s really interesting.


Hey im Michael from London, figuring out if coding is for me


Hi everyone, I am Jewel from Singapore, age 20. Currently, I am a Year 2 undergrad at NUS majoring in Industrial and Systems Engineering. I am here as I’ve decided to start learning programming more seriously.


Hola everybody! Here Vicmi from Spain, I’m 26 and I’m about to start learning how to code and hopefully a new career! I’m doing everything online and I think these forums are a nice chance to meet people with the same aspirations encourage and help each other. I would really appreciate to get some contacts so we can see our development regularly and discuss about what we’re learning.
Any advice and mentoring is obviously also appreciated!
Have a nice day amigos!


Hi, I’m Miguel, I’m from Bolivia, I like computers, and I want to learn web development,
I always liked to know why things happen, how they work, why they work, and the web is no exception. I hope to know you better and be useful.
a very warm greeting


Hi! I’m Daniel, from Colombia. I study Systems Enginering, but I’m just on my second semester. I’ve tried to learn web development but I found it difficult on my own. I was told about Odin Project and I’ve seen a lot of projects and resources here so I’m motivated to complete it.


Hello, I’m Eddie from Texas. I have been interested in computers for a while now and have looked into programming as a hobby and hopefully later as a career.


Hey there, my name is James and I’m from the US. My main passion is drawing but I would like to learn some coding so I could make games.




Hello folks, My name is Mike Andrews. I have been wanting to learn more about computers and web development and found this cool site. I am retired from my first career and looking for new challenges as I get closer to my 60th Birthday. Hope to learn a lot of new stuff here and connect with other learners.



I’m Andrew - a career Business Analyst/Systems Analyst. I’m taking a year off of my usual career and will be using a large part of that time to explore the world of programming. I’ve created a curriculum for myself based on learning resources that I’ve collected over the last few years. However - the core of that plan is The Odin Project. I started about an hour ago! Looking forward to learning and working with everyone!




Hi everyone, I’m Lester from USA. I’m looking to complete the TOP curriculum and link web development to data science. Maybe along the way, take a decent stab as an AI start up. Looking forward to learn with everyone!


Hey there everyone, I’m Jamie from northern Ontario, Canada. I’m currently working in customer support for a tech company and have been taking Udemy course on web dev, react and ruby but found the lack of structure lead to missing some core concepts. Super excited to work the the Odin Project and hopefully get to a point where I can comfortably apply to Junior Dev openings at my current company within 5- 6 months :smile:


Hi Everybody,

I’m Brad from Wisconsin, United States. I’m graduating as a graphic designer and marketer in December. I’d like to learn how to code for employment opportunity reasons. I also have an online business idea I’d like to work on, and I would rather know how to build it myself rather than raise and spend startup capital on it. I look forward to the processes!

  • Brad :v: