Best of luck to you as well, Affan! You’re only getting started and there is a whole world of opportunity out there. Keep with it!


Hi I’m Blas a DevOps/Sysadmin from Barcelona who thinks that his job will be fully automated someday




Hello Everyone!

I’m Glen and i’m a computer science student who geeks out over pc parts and gaming. I’m just dipping my toes into this new world of development and hope to make a great career out of it.

Have a great day!


Hi Katy! I’m a career changer and (former midwesterner), too! We can do this!


Hi! I’m Sam. I’m a college student in the US looking to use to Odin Project to aid me in my CS studies.


Hey guys, my name is Thomas and I’m a high school student from Hawaii. Learning to code has always been kind of a dream of mine so I figured that I should stop putting it off and actually learn!


Hello from California,

ready for this new challenge!


Hi everyone, Im Alex a college student from Texas. Looking into web development to expand my knowledge in computer science.


Hello Cheri! It’s such a positive and inspirational feeling to know there are others like myself, and that I am not alone in this new journey! Excited to have this community around me while learning!


Hi ,
I am finahas thomas from India,


Hello, I’m Penny from Canada. I’m a UX Designer wanting to learn more code! :slight_smile:


Hello everyone, Im Chris, recent college grad looking to learn some web development.


Hi this is pradeep from banglore,i want to start my career in this field so i came here


Hey everyone, my name is Quinn. I am from the Seattle-area. I have an interest in learning coding and I have the goal of learning how to set up/maintain smart contracts. I have much to learn and I am looking forward to this journey. :slightly_smiling_face:


Hello, I’m Erin from Oregon. I just like to learn.


Hi! I’m pretty new to coding. I’ve coded along with some YouTube videos to see if I enjoyed it, and found myself curious to learn more. I’ve always wanted to do something completely different every 10 years, and that time has come.


Hi, I’m Reija. I want to learn more about coding.


Hi, I’m brand new to coding, and hoping to learn as much as I can to be able to build my own website in the near future. Here goes…


Hi, I am Anna, and I’m excited to expand my knowledge and skills. I’ve been considering a career path in software development for years, and I’m finally being proactive and delving more into it.