Hi all! I am Lucy from Ireland. I’m a medical doctor and want to learn how to code as a means of taking my medical expertise into the tech industry! Excited to get started


Hi, I am Muhaimin Joabyer. I am looking to learn web developing and get myself into a career in web developing. I hope to learn a lot from this community, and contribute as well.


Hey Everyone, I’m Jason. I’m a computer science student looking to expand the scope of my knowledge. I hope to work as a full stack dev one day. Can’t wait to get started!


Hello everybody, I’m Riel. I’m a double science major (Biology and Geology) but I am looking to add as many versatile skills and possible job options as I can. Excited to work through the Odin Project!


Hello Everyone,

My name is Joseph Gilmore. I am just starting my Computer Science degree after jumping around not knowing what I really wanted to do. I took one programming class and was hooked. I am here to learn so I can get a job before i am done with my degree.


Hello, my name is Luis Arellano. I am from Houston Texas US. I embarked in my journey of learning to code, to obtain a better quality of life for my family. I intend to one fund my very own company.


Hi! I’m Noemi and I’m new to the programming community. I’m from CA. I can’t believe this website exists! I’m am committed and excited to learning all I can and becoming a full stack web developer through The Odin Project. I have always loved technology and have tried to teach myself programming before but I would find it so abstract from a book. I find The Odin Project to be a game changer for me. My dream is to learn everything I can so that I can make a career change in 10 months.


Hi all,
My name is Bart. Just moved to Ireland and would love to get a freelancing carreer in web dev. When I found out about TOP I got really excited and looking forward to start on the courses. Nice to meet you all!


Hello. I am Robert. i live in the United States. My background is Cisco Networking. I want to be a freelance web developer and also create a network of affiliate websites. I know the basics of HTML, CSS, and WordPress. I have tried W3 Schools and FCC with limited success. The structure of The Odin Project looks very promising.


Great Day!
I am Efraim from Philippines. I’ve studied C# language in my college days and willing to expand my programming knowledge in web developing. I’ve found Odin Project as exciting since this is different from other web developing tutorials. I am hoping that everything goes well in sharpening my skills here.


Hey! I’m Emilio from Austin, Texas starting my freshman year at UT studying Computer Science. I want to start my Web Dev Career Early to achieve my dream of creating a startup company someday. I hope to learn a lot from this course and will work hard to finish it!


Hi! I’m Trey. Wanting to learn more about web development so I can work on cool projects for myself and my career. Have stumbled across multiple courses, but TOP seems like it takes a great approach, so I’m committed to stick with it! Hope you’re having a good day!


Nice! I’m entering my sophomore year at Texas A&M, so we got a bit of a rivalry going on :slight_smile: . I just finished a .NET web development internship last summer, but I’m doing TOP to round out my education. It gets tough man, but stick with it. The “Ah-ha” moments are the best thing about coding. Best of luck in college and on your web development journey! Hope you reach your dream some day.


Hello! I’m Katy from Chicago. I am a code newbie in the midst of a career change. I am excited to learn with and from the community here at TOP!


Hi there, I’m Nick from Boston, a recent graduate with a degree in mathematics who is looking to enter the world of software. I’m new to Front-End development, and excited to learn!


Hey there Guys! I am Affan! I love building computers but very weak in programming I am in sophmore CS. And I love to learn new things. I also Run a Business where I build Custom computers!
Hope to have fun working with you guys!


Good to hear! I am 20 havent actually started my career! But best of luck to you!


you will learn with soo much ease! maths helps solving logic problems in code!


Hello everyone!
I am Zack, a med. student who is into computers and programming.
I hope this is gonna be fun, challenging and importantly useful life skill. See u around ya’ll


I’m Cheri from Austin, TX. I have been training dogs at an animal shelter for the past 7 years.

I’m hoping to gain skills that will get more animals adopted. I recently set up a digital personal assistant for one of my favorite dogs using Twilio. I have no coding background and have tried several other platforms to learn. I am hopeful that this is the one that will finally get me to my “ah-ha!” moment.