Hi, there. My name is Virginia from Kenya. I’m looking forward to develop and sharpen my skills. I’m looking forward to start my journey in the Odin Project.


Hi All, Newbie as well. Fresno, CA, career burnout led me to development.


Hi everyone, I’m Andy from Miami, FL. I’ve dabbled with coding for a while now and recently finished studying Music Tech in Detroit, MI. I’m using TOP to explore the world of programming and find my place, to develop a career that can support/supplement my music career.


Hey, I’m Jake. I have worked in the auto industry for the last 8 years and I am trying to learn to code as a hobby that might turn into a side job down the road at some point. I’m looking forward to learning and any help along the way is appreciated.


Hi everybody! I’m an IT guy who has been trying to learn programming for years. For whatever reason, despite numerous tutorials, I’ve been unable to apply what I’ve learned in any useful way while dreaming up programs to create. The Odin Project was suggested to me by a coworker and so, I’m hoping (and already seeing) that it’s different than many other tutorials.


Hi everyone! I’m Eddie and I’m somewhat new to programming. I’ve worked as a project manager in a student-led creative agency, full of web and app developers, for the last five years. I’m entering into a graduate program studying information communication sciences and have always wanted to thoroughly understand the development process. I’m excited to get started!


Good evening everyone!

I’m Nafisah from Nigeria. I have always been intimidated by anything technical and abstract and I am finally facing my fears . I hope to be a professional programmer someday. I wish all of us the best in our endevours.


Hello! My name is Jen and I am from New York. I am an electrical engineering student and want to gain more exposure to coding and web development. I would love to turn this into a freelancing opportunity in order to fund my education.


Hi everyone, my name is Kyle Lemucchi from Colorado. I’ve worked in the sales industry for the last four years and now I’m looking to learn some new skills and break into a new industry. I’m about as rookie as they come in coding and web development so any advice is greatly appreciated!


Hello everyone :wave: Random person here that started to learn coding, lets do this. :hugs:


Hello everyone!!! I´m Nicolás from Argentina and completely new to programming. I finally decided that I wanted to learn to program and make a career out of it. I wish the best to everyone and good luck :+1:


Hey! I’m Eric from Cincinnati, OH. I studied computer science when I was in college, but pursued other interests when I graduated. Now I feel like I’m too rusty, so I’m hoping Odin Project can freshen up my skills and make me feel more confident in my abilities.


My name is Nate and I’m from Denver, Colorado!
I am currently in the fitness industry but am wanting to make a career change! I’m hoping to learn as much as I can here and develop a marketable skill!


I got started with the Web Development 101 course this week. I’m mostly doing this so I can have skills I can use in other fields if getting into the animation field is getting difficult or (when I’m already doing animation already) finding things to do in between projects. This is actually the second time I did a learning course out of a traditional educational institution and I’m really hoping this goes better than the first time around.


Hi everyone! My name is Karl and I am from Malaysia. I am currently taking Web Development 101 to understand coding better and decide if I should pursue this as a full time career. Have a great day ahead!


Hi! I’m Maisie, I’m 21 and from England. Currently working as a business relationship manager which is fine… But not really what I want to do as a career.
I didn’t go to uni so still trying to figure out what I enjoy and what career path I actually want, I thought learning to code might be a good place to start?


Hello there!
I am a Sophomore pursuing my bachelor’s degree in Computer Science. We were recently asked to prepare a website as part of our college project and the whole thing just seemed so interesting to me, so I decided to start learning web development. I had TOP in the back of my head as the number one resource for learning web dev.

Hope to have a good time with you all.


Hello all, my name is Nate, from the US, and I’m looking to change things up for myself. I was in an office job for close to a decade, but now it’s time to learn something new and exciting that hopefully proves to be a meaningful and rewarding direction in my life.


Hello, everyone. My name is Brian and I’m from the United States. I’ve always wanted to learn Web Development but always found a reason to put it off. I’m not putting it off anymore. I’m determined and have a good mindset and I’m ready to learn!


My name is Jeremy in Atlanta, Georgia. I’m currently a Product Owner/UX Designer looking to learn front-end coding with a long term goal of full stack development. I’ve picked up a bit here and there via Watch and Code and other resources. After a bit more digging discovered TOP and am looking forward to diving in.