Hello, I’m Adrienne. I am trying to learn some web development to see if it is something I would like to pursue as a career path. I’m interested in the possibility because I would like to learn a skill where I can make a living freelancing remotely.


Hello, everyone calls me jojo
I am a web development student at the university and I want to enhance my education with the odin project. I am looking to start my second career soon and still trying to find my place. Great to meet you all, I think this is going to be fun!


Hello Everyone,

I am Frida from the US and I needed a mentally challenging project work me, so here I am!!

Hoping to learn coding and contribute to amazing things here!


Hi all, Im Manos from Greece.
Heard about odin from a friend.
I’ve always wanted to develop and learn coding but didn’t know where to start.


Hello Everyone. I’m Anath, from the Democratic Republic of Congo. I really like making websites but I no longer want to use wordpress to do that. I want to better my skills at code so that I can be able to make websites from scratch and also become a Front End/Full Stack Developer some day :slight_smile:


hello all I’m Syber_punk an IT professional in the Linux Infrastructure space, Here to learn Ruby on Rails on my off time feel free to ask any linux question that may stump you Thankx


Hello! My name is Eduardo, I’m a CS student and want to learn more about web development so I decided to begin the Oding Project! Hopefully I will be able to build web apps by the end of the curriculum I also have previous programming experience.


Hey there! Call me Q. I’m currently gauging whether programming would be a good fit for me. I have a BA in English.


Hello everyone.

I’m Danny and i want to learn web dev. This project looks very promising so i’m hoping it will help me in my endeavour.


Hi my name is Josh and I’m from New Jersey/New York currently a Cert. Pharm Tech working at a hospital looking to make a career change, I love all things STEM related and became interested in the field many years ago but didn’t know where to start so here I am. My goal is to ultimately change my life and the lives of those around me for the better. I hope to learn tons from you all!


Hello Odin Fam! :raising_hand_woman:

My name is Elizabeth, and I am an engineer, designer, and aspiring front-end developer from the USA. :us:

I currently live in Thailand full-time and I work online running my own design business. :woman_technologist:

I joined the Odin Project team to strengthen my JS coding skills and to learn NodeJS and Ruby on Rails. :zap:

Right now, I have been working with design and development agencies, but I have a ways to go before I am considered a full-fledged web developer. :baby:

When I am not beefing up my web dev portfolio, I can be found exploring the world, trekking across mountains, perfecting my Mandarin and Spanish word pronunciation, reading a new mindset book at my favorite café, or writing down my thoughts frantically before I forget them. :fire:

I’d love to hear more about others who have just joined. Does anyone else want to turn their coding skills into entrepreneurship? I’d love to hear about it! :grin:

Cheers, and I’ll catch you again soon!


hi, i am Judith
i am very new to this field and i hope i’ll be seeing new doors opening in different directions.



I’m Rachel from New York. I have a doctorate in human sciences and I own a restaurant with my husband but I am drawn to coding and web development. I dream of creating a webapp for an idea I have however I felt it was out of reach. I found this site and now learning fullstack seems like the best starting point and not quite so impossible. I am grateful for this resource. Best wishes to you all.



My name is Cathy, I am from South Africa and was recommended TOP by a friends. I am currently looking at expanding my knowledge and to possibly turn this into a career.


Hi I’m Kolbeinn, I’m here to try and get more into web development :slight_smile:


Hello, new programmer. Learning for future occupations. Thanks


Hi friends, my name is TK! I’m here to get more hands-on experience with programming and projects. Looking forward to dive in!


Hi there! I’m Olivia from Kenya and I’m just looking for a new challenge.I’m so pumped up!


Hi, I am Ashley from NC, USA. I am currently working in a hospital lab and I have been looking for the next step in my career. I am ready to get out of the healthcare field and let my creative side run wild. I hope to one day work remote and have my vinyl business in full force.


Hi,I am Yahya from Berlin, Germany. I am an engineer and worked as an academic for a while, covered basics of programming while I was a freshman and had some experience with programs like MatLab, Mathematica and some optimization software.

Learned about “The Odin Project” through a YouTube channel after a long web search and decided it was the solution after reading the introductory material. I am here for a new challenge and also business purposes.

Looking forward to learn about web development and collaborate with “The Odin Project” community.

Wish all the best for everyone!