I’m Paras, I’m interested in deep-learning and web development. Hope to learn and grow together!


Hello there, I’m Subrat. Looking forward to getting interesting problems to solve.


Hi everyone! I’m Alyssa. I’m currently in Los Angeles but my partner and I are planning to move to Italy this fall and I figure it’s a good opportunity to explore a career transition into web development.


Hi, I’m Mike. I have some experience with coding, and I’m looking to refresh my memory as it’s been a few years, as well as learn a whole lot of new skills. Thanks!


Hi, I’m Andrew. I’m an aspiring web developer from WNY. I learned some basic HTML and CSS coding in junior high and took one class in college about web coding, but haven’t had much of a chance to develop my skills further. I love to build and create. I have a pretty unfulfilling job situation right now, so I see this as a perfect time to get back into coding, develop my skills, and hopefully land a full-time web developing job.


Hi! I’m Ljubica from Serbia. I am anthropologist and I am looking into a career change. I really want to learn something new.I’m very happy for this opportunity to learn with you and from you. Good luck to us all!!


Hi, I am Vladimir Villasis from Peru, I love working with computers. I am specialized in Systems Engineering field. I hope to learn more from here.


Hello my name is Dwanyay(Dway for short ) im from Boston but reside in Florida. I’m starting my journey to become a full stack developer and have a career in this industry. Hope to learn alot from you guys.


Hello my name is Craig from Texas and I have always wanted to learn to code and possibly create my own video game.


Hey there, I am trying to learn to code because I am lacking a creative outlet in my everyday job and I have found that coding is a lot of fun in that regard. I have done some very basic CSS and HTML (mostly from codecademy and freecodecamp) and am currently working on learning Javascript Basics. I am curious what TOP has to offer :slight_smile:


Hello Im Lukas from Slovakia and Im looking for career change and new challenge in my life. I am computer and tech familiar from my early age, but had never been working in this field, so hopefully It will become my daily bread :slight_smile:
Good luck to everyone.


Hey there I’ve realised that you can code creatively, and this is something that I want to know how to do. I’m planning on being a front end or full stack developer (as well as working in VR and game development, although that’ll come later on, in a couple of years)


Hello everybody :slight_smile: I’m Cristina from Argentina. It´s been interesting to read all of your motivations and wishing you all best of lucks!
I’m also planning a career change, looking forward to start learning with you all.


Hello fellow Odinites,

I’m Forrest and while I have familiarity with front end development concepts I haven’t built much from scratch and this looks like a great opportunity for me to continue to learn skills together with a supportive community!


Hi everyone,

I have an academic background which includes learning R for data analysis and a little bit of Perl for regular expressions. I now work in user experience design and am looking forward to going through the Odin project to learn web development. Wishing us all success on this journey!


Hi Everyone,

I have a background working as an industrial designer for the past 4 years. I am now studying for a masters in UX design. I want to learn to code I want to be able to design something and then build it by myself. I did a tiny bit of VBA back during highschool but I’ve only ever used it for writing excel macros.


Hello! Shibu here.
I am a Computer Science student trying to expand my skill set. Looking forward to learn new things and meet and network with all the wonderful people here :grin:


Hello, I am Mark from South Carolina, USA and this is another push into a new skill and career. I look forward to being a part of the community.


Hello, I hope all is well. My name is Mitchell, and I am a 3rd-year law student with ambitions to start my own law firm. I want to learn to code so I can develop and operate an application and a website for the law firm I plan on starting.


Hi! I am Per Frost from Sweden. I work in live streaming and broadcasting but want to learn how to code to get a new and more sustainable career alternative as well as being able to create my own work tools rather than having to ask others for that. I learned basic HTML when it was necessary in order to create a website but would not say I know really anything worthy about coding today. I live in Stockholm and as a result of the current virus situation, I am stuck here without a possibility to meet my girlfriend and family for the next month or so. Thought that might be a good starting point…