Hello y’all. My name is Patrick and I have been living in Japan for a couple years. I’ve always enjoyed computers and thought I’d try to challenge myself to understand them a bit better. Thanks in advance.


I just turned 30 and this is the year that I learn to code. I’ve tried to follow this course before but did not get through it. This is the year.


Hello there,

I am Mahmut from Istanbul Turkey i am a full time lawyer, i find coding fascinating made some games with unity before. Since i am stuck at home for at least 14 days because of corona virus i decided to start full stack java web development program lets see how it goes best of luck and stay healthy and safe everyone.


Hi, I’m Tobias from the Netherlands. I quit my sales career to pursue a more fulfilling career in web dev. Hope to learn a lot from ToP!


Hello, This is meysam, been wandering around in programming languages for as far as I remember but I have not ever made a dime out of it since I was 17! I am back. I try to learn and land a job. Because of me and my daughter!


Hello awesome people! This is Johnny from the USA. Deciding to pursue programming and positive tech solutions in the wake of this changing world and quarantine. Look forward to growing with you all. ~ J


Hello everyone! My name is Bran and I’m from the US. I’m a Ux Designer that wants to communicate better with developers as well as learn a new skill. I figure what better way to do that than to learn how to do it myself so I’m diving in. See you all around!


Hey everyone! My name is Casey and I am here to get my basic knowledge and skills for bug bounty hunting. I would love to be my own boss and make a good chunk of change all while knowing what I do has a purpose! In order to be a great bug bounty hunter, I need to be able to break stuff in as many ways as possible!


Hey all! My name is Kristian. I am from Los Angeles, and I am using the Odin Project to learn about Web Development and Coding in general so that I can make a career change. I’m looking forward to sharing in this community!


Hi, I’m Omar. Rock bottom brought me here and I’m following the assignment as per the course introduction. Hope this works out.


Hi, I’m Nobai. I’m excited to begin this new adventure to learn how to be a programmer. I don’t have a lot of experience, but I know with a lot of practice I’ll (sort of) get the hang of it. I want to make it into a career because I have so far only had dead end jobs and hopefully this will lead to better opportunities. Looking forward to this journey :smile:


Hi, I’m Karl from NYC…contemplating a bootcamp and move into software development and my friend suggested checking out the Odin Project.


My name is Aaron and I have always been interested in coding. Hoping to learn all I can to make myself more valuable in the current technological age.


Hi, I am Jatin Chhabra from New Delhi, India. I am “Learning to code” to built website for my business. Though I have 6 year experience in working with wordpress website but now I want to know that how can I built a website, or even built a wordpress theme…

Beside, Noval COVID 2019 has allowed me to sit at home for quite some time, so I have decided to learn Web Development, along with learning German language.

Hope that by year end, I will be able to built my sites in both English and German language…

Jatin Chhabra


Hey! I am Natalie from Chicago, just getting into the Odin Project and I am kind of excited. I got laid off from my job for the next three weeks or until Chicago tells us otherwise, so since I have nothing to do, I figure I would start learning something new.


Hey there! I’m Christian from Jacksonville, FL and have found myself with lots of free time as of late like lots of you here. I’ve always had an interest and knack for technology and looking for learning a ton of new stuff this year!


Hi, I am Nikola from Serbia. I found myself with a lot of free time so i chose to learn coding.


Tell us your story! Where are you from? What made you aspire to become a web developer? What are your hopes and dreams?

Greetings everyone,

My name is MooYah-17 and I am new to this computing community. I aspire to become a computer scientist and engineer so hopefully web-developing will lead me towards that path. I also want to make my own mini game I can share with my friends at school so hopefully I can learn the gists of making these cool online games.


hi i am new here , i am a coder


Hello, I’m Shin from Indonesia, I’m looking forward to start my journey on my study, I hope we will get along and that you won’t mind with me bothering you with questions here and there, thank you!!