I’m Geoff from New York, and I’m really excited to be taking this step from product design to understanding code more! I’m looking forward to learning with you.


I’m Morgan from Texas. My motivation is to be able to work in a career that I enjoy what I do while being able to live comfortably. I am excited to learn what this project has to offer!


Hello everyone! I’m Calvin and I’m from California in the US. I went to college and earned a bachelor’s in Psychology. I have been having trouble finding a career in psychology so I decided to learn a more marketable set of skills. I’m currently working on an AS degree in computer science (2 classes away) and would like to become a software or web developer. I’ve looked across the web for a good place to start my journey and the stack that the odin project teaches seems like a great place begin!


@Kevin-Tempel Orange County!!! Are you looking for any meetups in the area? I’m close to Disneyland, I’m not sure if you are looking into group learning though!

@My-Agumented-Vision what area of Cali? Orange County over here :}

@HiramIII welcome!

@Jbryson88 Greetings, and thank you for your service :}

@pbxed Welcome, I am glad there’s a lot of experienced people like you to help us newbs out :laughing:

@sammymood You sound like an excellent parent, i wish you the best of luck in your journey! :}


Hello I’m Andrew from Texas. I’m a soon to be transitioning Veteran trying to make a break into the world of programming with a final goal of Information Assurance. I look forward to contributing in the future!


Hello, I am also new and hoping to learn! Best of luck.


Hey. I’m Stephan. I’m from the US. Currently struggling my way through Java in school and wanted some outside resources to help with programming.


Hi everyone! My name is Karlos and I’m from California. Started this self inflicted journey to learn coding a few weeks ago. I actually started with freecodecamp but stumbled over tOP, I’m really just gathering all resources I can…very much so the honeymoon phase right now lol.



I’m looking to gain a new skill and further develop my career in finance.


Hi, I’m John Taylor. I am a college student at Gallaudet University. Pleased to meet everyone.


Good evening everyone. Here to learn the stuff. Hopefully I’ll get the hang of it. Built out a few systems for sports betting and stock prediction using simple statistics algos, some complicated weight attribution algos, and some pattern recognition software for backtesting and formulating “zones” for high and low percentage outcomes. No idea how to code anything at all and I wanted to create my own program that will allow me to backtest years of data as well as build out a website that spits out my targeted results automatically. And then eventually an app that can be downloaded by subscribers to my predictions (hopefully). I wanted to do this all myself so I decided to jump right in here and learn how. Wishing everyone luck and I’m sure we’ll see each other around when it comes time for crowd sourcing answers to coding problems lol
ok thats me. Glad to be here


Hi! I am Marie, looking forward with creating and building cool project. Hoping to collab with you in the future.


Hi, I’m Micah from Canada and am looking forward to learning how to code.


Hey, There! Names Jose and i’m from Virginia. New to coding, hoping to make the skills I learn from here into an amazing career. Recently dropped out of College due to lack of interest in classes. I just felt I was learning a bunch of stuff that would never help me out in the real world. (at least for me…) Looking forward to meeting you guys ^.^


Hi everyone!! My name is Matias, and I’m very happy to joing the community. I moved from Chile to Spain to do an MBA and now I want to improve my coding skills to get to know how to develope responsive webpages or apps regarding new e-commerce business I’m looking forward to create.
Feel free to chat with me and maybe we can built up great idea or help each other in our projects!
Best regards! :grinning:


Hey i am Deniz, currently living in Corsica/France.I am a bouncer and honestly a little tired of dealing with drunks and in search of a new carreer in the future, very excited for the new challenge. I wish everyone the best on their journeys.


Hi all, I’m Bart Briek from the Netherlands and work as automated test engineer for a company in the Rotterdam Harbor. Since Cypress is an awesome testing tool for web I would like to get more understanding and skill in developing websites with javascript and typescript. I love the idea of The Odin Project by learn by doing. Hope the journey will be awesome! See you all around.


Hi, I’m a university student, currently studying computer science; programming has always been challenging but rewarding. I am looking to learning new things and experimenting around.


Hello there, I’m kinda new to programming but highly interested about it. Looking forward to learn more about web dev. I also would like to learn about other stuff.


Hi everyone.

I’m here to learn.
I’m already working at a startup on the sales side, would like to learn programming to become a more valuable asset to the org.