Good Morning Everyone! I’m Hiram from Cali. I’m a current Mechanical enigeer just wanting to learn more about web dev so hear I am. I hope to learn a lot and meet new people. Cheers!


Hey everyone! I’m Niraj from North Carolina. I’ve been studying chemical engineering my entire college career but after my internships, I realized it isn’t something I want to pursue. That’s why I’m here giving the odin project a shot. Looking forward to learning a lot!


Hello, My name is Jared from Manitoba, Canada.
I am a truck driver full time looking to swap careers entirely.
I have been dabbling in code for years now, I absolutely love to code and solve problems, made a few websites, games for the android app store.
Hoping to kick start a career in web development full time.


Hello @everyone I’m new to the community. I hope to make web development a full time job and looking forward to see this program get me there.


Hello! I’m Kaiya from Atlanta, GA. Very excited to make a career change into the world of Software development! Wish me luck!


Hi my name is Uzair and I’m a newcomer to all of this. I have time for a few months to focus on this before getting back to work. My end goals are to create a website from scratch that I may use to create an online business or just to have as a proof of concept of my abilities. And finally the endgame is to find a job in this profession.

Hello to everyone!!!



My name is John, I’m 31 and currently in the US Army. Working on learning programming/Full Stack WebDev for a career once I get out in a couple years. Always wanted to learn, and I’ve been on Udemy, Freecodecamp, Harvard CS50, etc. Stumbled on TOP and hoping this is a great tool to learn new things!



I’m Naz from Australia. I really want an output for my creativity, and I think web dev might be an option! :slight_smile:



I am Jordan from the UK. I am actually in a unique position that I already have just started a software job. My company runs an 3 month intro session, 1 month backend, 1 month frontend and 1 month phase into client work. Just finished the backend portion and now moving to frontend.

Plan is to use TOP to supplement frontend learning. Wish me luck!


do you have Turkish background by any chance? i’m asking because of your name.


Hey everyone,

My name’s Zach, I live in Washington, DC. Can’t wait to not talk politics, as well as acquire the knowledge/skills to transform an idea into something (digitally) tangible. I’d tie my desire to complete the course back to two fundamental goals - creating something useful, and experiencing location-independence.


New to coding. Hoping to learn how to program and all that jazz.


Hi everyone,
I am a jobless architect, am looking forward for this!



Hell I’m Aswerty12

I enjoy coding and want to learn more in a structured format like this as I get too distracted when doing self imposed learning


Hello everyone,

I’m Dominik from Zagreb, Croatia and this is my first real contact with web dev community.
I’m looking forward to acquiring new skills and knowledge, dig my way through problems, lessons and tasks and
finally land a job as a web dev.

I wish you the best. (:


Hey everyone,

My name is Cassidy and I’m using this as my stepping stone into hopefully a more stable and financially healthy career! I look forward to getting to know more of you, and hopefully sharing my journey as I go!

Thank you guys for reading!


Hello, I’m Alberto from Spain.

I’m a multiplatform developer student; although I’m really curious about computer science and programming, I’m quite new.

I hope I can enjoy the learning process with the community, as I see that we all want to change ourselves and ‘have fun’ working hard.

Thanks for all in advance.


Mucha suerte compi…A por ello!!!


Hey everyone!
I am Amar from Mongolia. I really want to learn coding. But i have some language difficulties, but i hope i’ll work.


Hello All! I am new to starting Odin and coding. My main motivation is to find a flexible job that works well with providing for my children. I want to give them the life they deserve. - Sam