Hello World. My name is Johnny. Hoping to start a career in webdev. Excited about moving forward. I’m really just interested in freelancing. However, I wouldn’t mind nabbing a regular job. All right, folks. Let’s do this!
Oh by the way, I’m from the States. North East part to be more specific.


Hi, I’m Kush from Florida! Never coded before, but just trying to branch out and find some new hobbies! Looking forward to the challenge and the journey.


Hey, all! My name is John and I currently work in programming. My background is in RoR but I am currently working in Python/Django and miss Ruby so much. I have never built out my own app and intend on going through the Odin project and then reinforce what I’m learning by building out my own app at the same time. I’m just happy to be here and can’t wait to do this alongside you all!


Hi all,

Like many others here, I am looking into a career change and this was always something I wanted to get into. I felt that the Odin Project looked like a good way to try it out and see if it is right for me without committing financially. I’ve been playing around a little with the front end coding and have enjoyed it so far. I’m looking forward to getting stuck in!

Oh, and if anyone’s interested, I live in London.


Hello my name is Kevin Tempel I’m from Orange County California and am ready to make it to the big leagues.



I’m Lisa from Minnesota. I have never coded before but I am a stay at home mom and have been for some time. I figured learning coding while I’m at home would be a good marketable skill that I could hopefully use to earn some money in my free time. Truthfully I don’t know enough about coding to know if its something I will enjoy but more knowledge can never be bad, right?!


My name is Blade and I’m currently in Kentucky. I am here to learn as much as possible and one day make a website for myself.


Hii Everyone!
My Name is Syed, I’m living in Dubai, UAE. I’m new to Odin and coding. Hope to engage with you guys more often slight_smile:


Hi all,

My name is Ky. I’m here to learn more about coding so I can advance my career.


Hey All- I’m James and I’m aiming to learn new skill-sets to be able to create good content, and turn hobbies into software projects that are profitable!

Worked at an engineering consulting firm for 8 years and for the past 2 years been working at a medicinal cannabis cultivation facility, a field that I am passionate about. There are a lot of opportunities in this growing market & I see how current software solutions could be FAR better, I’m hoping to be able to have the freedom to turn my ideas into reality.

Thanks everyone, looking forward to learn and grind!


Hi there! I am Samantha from St. Pete, FL. I am looking to begin a new career and I think learning all that I can from The Odin Project may be the way to go. I love to learn and would love to find a career that will allow me to work remotely so I am ready to dive in.


Hello from México with love!
I am from Chiapas and i love digital stuff. I have 19 and want to start with all of this.
Sky is the limit before known about the space


Ben from milwaukee wisconsin. I bought the domain name for cheap, and since i switched to linux 2 months ago i figure i should learn more. Have been learning python and linux as a hobby. If it turns into a career, even better.


Hi I’m Dan from Canada. Looking to expand my knowledge in Javascript. I’m a web designer that relies heavily on website builders such as Webflow, Wordpress and basic bootstrap but I’m looking to learn how to build websites and projects from scratch :slight_smile:


About me:
Male, 19
Mexican-American (California)
Suffers with Bipolar Disorder

Left College, might go back
Use to study Nursing worked as a CNA, Nurse Aide at age 17. (Quit now working retail)
Not my kind of people, didn’t connect with the stance.
I still want to help people in some way, always been into politics, books, philosophy and history.
Always did great in school, but have never found a place to be at peace at.
I want to get involved with game development and contribute to telling amazing stories.
Have only left alive with those who share anime and gaming interests.
Only truly feel happy when gaming. (R6, MGS, RE2, BF4, PUBG, DMC)
Introverted to a large extent but willing to work as a team player with mates I trust.

Wanting to learn : javascript along with html, and any other coding languages that involve app building
I want to build an app like AMINO- My Vision is Augmented owo


Oh and my name is Gabriel


Hi I’m Austin I’m new to the community and I’m currently learning front end webdev so I can work remote and see my family that lives outside the country I’m currently located in.


Hi Gabriel,
I wish you all the best on your journey to a more fulfilling work and Life; that’s a curageous and honest post of yours!
I read about your interest in philosophy and history and that in front of a background of looking for a place you can be at peace at. In case you don’t already know them I just wanted to send you a link to the Videos of The School of Life that you might find inspiring; a project that makes suggestions on how to lead a more fulfilling life based on insights of philosphy and psychology. You might enjoy that, I thought.

The School of Life Videos

All the best from Berlin (Germany)


Hello! Frank here. Just trying to learn something new!


Hi! I’m Cira, and I am a student just looking for something a bit different from my major to do.