Hi, my name is Kara. I am from Texas and I wanted to learn more on full-end development because I’ve just always been interested in coding and and I thought hey why not now? I hope to be able to integrate my new skill set into my current career. :slight_smile:


I am Andy from Canada. I am doing this course so I can build my own MVP


Hello everyone! I am a social worker in the daytime and at night I am doing the Odin Project to see if I want to pursue a new career in web developing. Good luck to everyone here! :slight_smile:


Hey guys! My name is Cody and I am looking forward to starting my coding journey. I’m excited to see where my future takes me.


Good evening, I’m just a normal guy out of high school trying to learn some skills so I can make money. I chose to learn coding because of the freelancing opportunities, and because it seems interesting to learn how to make websites, apps etc.


hi everyone. its good to be here. wana dig in to web development.


@H-tigers are you planning on transitioning to a developer role?

@weslayy are you going to college at all? or do you wanna be self taught :}


Howdy! My name is Joanna and I am interested in using The Odin Project to renew my skills after taking a significant amount of time off to raise children and deal with a vision impairment. I love all things programming and I cannot wait to get back into it!


@Eduardo06sp I’m not planning on going to college. Just going to try and teach myself and do my own projects to put on my resume and hope I can land a job.


Hello All,

I am Abhishek from India, I am currently working in a dead end job with very minute pay. Hoping to learn web development to turn things in life around. I am very new to this and did not complete my graduation hoping to receive help from you all whenever required. I would require assistance with time management, how many hours should I put in a week, I get very less free time of work, will only be manage to put in 1 hour of full concentration.


Hello everyone!

My name is Jordan. I was currently working multiple part-time jobs just to reach the minimum living wage in San Francisco. Not fun. I realized that lifestyle was not for me. I grew an affinity for software development from the large amount of tech companies around that area. I have moved back to my parents house to just focus entirely on coding in hopes to eventually land a job.


Hi! I’m Sandy. Hoping to learn coding and web design and possibly add to my day job or switch careers altogether Excited to learn and contribute!


Hello, I’m Henry, joining up to continue on my journey to be a web developer and meet other people on the same path. I have some javascript under my belt but hope to find some guidance here and work on cool projects. Currently, I’m studying by myself and I think I could really benefit from some more structure and community to help motivate and keep me on track, and I would like to be of help to others. I was in a boot camp but I wasn’t able to keep up so now I’m here with the same goal.
Thanks, and I look forward to working with and meeting you all!


Hello! My name is Julian and I am from Chicago. I hope to learn enough to get a job as a front-end software developer and make some good relationships along the way! :grin:


Hi there! I am from Sweden, and looking to learn to program. I think it will be difficult, but so satisfying if I succeed. I have quite a few projects in mind I want to do, but I just lack the practical knowledge.


Good evening from the Netherlands,
I have been self teaching myself on different topics in IT and thought it was time for me to change the pace.
In the future I would love to land a job within web development but to get there I would like to build myself a proper website for my from home beer brewery.
The reason I chose web development is because it gives me a great opportunity to build a great career and I could build a nice future for myself and my family.


I’m from Norway, and I’m here because I’m learning to code for a project at school. My goal is to be able to create my own website in the end, but as for now I’m enjoying the journey.
I have no idea whether this will be something I will develop a career in, as for now it’s strictly for recreational purposes.


Hi! My name is Kevin and I am from El Salvador, today I found a blog mentioning how “The Odin Project” helps to new programmer to build a path and I got excited while reading it. I decided to create an account and attend all the classes, I hope getting the most of it, Thanks for sharing this great project!

Best regards!


Hey there, I’m Zach from the States. I am currently stuck in a deadend job and I’m looking for a career/life change. I enjoy design and technology and marrying the two sounded like something I could really enjoy. I hope to learn how to become a developer, land a job and change my life.


Hello. I’m Lydia and I’m interested in learning more about web development particularly back end. I’m hoping to make a career change. Excited to learn with you all.