hey bud, if you’re trying to find a partner to go through with, I’m looking for that too. I also have a project that could be nice and I’d love to find someone to run the css with. mostly though I’m looking for someone who’s dynamic and logical. I like to think I’m those things too, but in my experience having two people for one problem is really helpful. lmk!


HI! I’m from Texas. I’ve always been interested in coding but never got serious about learning it. I’ve started learning coding many times even taking some college classes but haven’t done anything with it.
After spending 20 yrs in the music biz, i’m burnt out and I’m looking to do something new.


Hi, I am Elias from Nigeria. I want to learn web development to further my IT career. Looking forward to what the odin project has to offer.


Hello everyone, My name is Cam. I have a huge background in healthcare but decided i need a change so here I am!


Hello! I’m Julio and am looking to pick up a long lost hobby I picked up in high school. I haven’t done any sort of programming in well over 10+ years so I’m excited to get back into it!


Hi my name is Rena, from Detroit, MI. I’ve had experience before as a beginner in coding, I am here to brush up on concepts as well as gain new skills.


Hey! My name is Ash K. I am from Florida. I have been interested in coding for a while but have always been preoccupied with odd jobs to help support my family. Finally, landing a secure position and earning a decent salary, I realized how unfulfilling it was to work in a field I have no interest regardless of the benefits or wage. I hope to gain an understanding of the fundamentals through TOP and gain the skills necessary to begin applying for jobs related to app and web development. Hopefully end up on a new career path by next year :slight_smile:


Hey! i kind of had the same experience… but I’m now 32 lol… I gave up maybe 2 years ago, had a unpleasant experience at the workplace, that completely discouraged me and made me feel incompetent… but those were my thoughts, which I have now conquered, I wish you the best on your journey, let’s help each other along the way!


Same here, I’ve worked as a unit clerk for many years!


Hey All, I’ve been working in IT for half a decade now and I’m finally deciding to branch out into web developing as it is a big market in my current location. I heard about the Odin Project while skimming through Expatriate forums funny enough. Hope to stick to this and learn as much as I can.


Hi all, my name is Ryan and I am a junior in college studying computer science. I am using The Odin Project as a supplementary resource to my software engineering course!


Hi everyone,

I am Ella and I am new to this community. I am aspiring to become a Web Developer and a Full-stack Developer. I have already learnt most HTML/CSS, but I want to learn as much as possible and take different courses.

Looking forward to The Odin Project! :slight_smile:



I am from Milwaukee, WI, US. I have professional experience in embedded systems programming but want to pursue a more creative form of development; thus, I’ve arrived at TOP to learn web development!


Hello, I’m Victor from Brazil. I’m a 2d artist, I love games and I have some experience programming but it’s been a loooong time since I last wrote code. I have ADHD and focusing can be hard for me, but hopefully I can learn something.


Hi! I’m Kisha from the state of Pennsylvania in the U.S. I’ve been studying coding since the end of 2017. I am currently an email dev where I use HTML and CSS. I’m here on the Odin Project to learn more coding lanquages.My goal is to help someone. Idk how yet I’m goind to.


Hi All! I’m currently an IT Manager at a consumer goods company in the US. I took some coding in my Information Systems degree in college, but don’t currently use it for my job. I’m interested in learning web development to get back to coding and to learn to create my own websites to get into a more technical field.


Hello world, I’m currently working as a project coordinator and have no coding experience whatsoever. I’m following the Odin project’s Ruby on rails coursework to get a better understanding of web dev. Hoping to learn a new skill and introduce myself to the world of programming.


Hi! I’m Zion and i come from Hawaii. I took a interest in coding because i wish to expand my skills in this world


New here and love to learn as much I can and absorb as most knowledge as possible.


Hello everyone! I’m Murilo and I’m from Brazil! I just joined Odin Project and I’m willing to learn and become better and better! I hope I can make good relationships here as well, glad to meet y’all!