Hi all! I’m Alex, a professional musician, hoping to build and maintain my web presence for and by myself. Life-long tech enthusiast, super excited to get started!


Hi, my name is Sola. I am a Business Process Management Consultant, Scrum Master & RPA developer & a DJ from Nigeria. I am looking for a new challenge, a change from what I have known and being for 10years. So I am trying out several new thing. I hope to be able to stick to full stack web development and find peace and joy at doing it.

One love.


Hi, I’m Ahmed a student from Saudi Arabia. I want to learn web development to change the world.

Peace and love for you all.


Hey there.

My name is Lebu Moloi and I’m from South Africa. I’m interested in full stack development to further my career.




Hi there! I’m Simon and I am horticulturist who wants to try something different and hopefully make web development a career!



I’m Pro from Texas, I’m am new to programming but I am hoping to learn a lot and make it my new career. I am thinking about going to school for web development and I want this to be my first step towards that goal so I can get a job as a developer.


hey, I’m new to TOP even though I have done web development before I never really did anything professionally with it. I probably don’t need to follow the beginner’s tutorial, but I wanna go through the whole process again even if by skimming a lot. I need to build projects and build a portfolio but I’m also hoping to become more confident in my abilities by following the TOP curriculum. also hoping to find some people to work with on projects together.


Hi, I’m Shea from the US. I am new to programming and excited to learn as much as I can through TOP. I’m aiming to pursue a career with the skills I learn.


Hi, I’m from France. I’m working as a SEA consultant and would like to learn more about web development.


HY I am Gregory from Haiti . I am new on coding and looking forward to learn more on this program and to have a full stack career


Hello everyone, how are you all doing?

You can call me Anseris.

I am from the UK and unfortunately I dropped out my Engineering Degree at the end of my second year, due to a life long medical condition which stopped responding to treatment. Its been 2 years since then, and I am doing a lot better. The mental side of things has also improved.

So I have come here, in the hopes of developing myself, finding a new passion, and reassuring myself that I can be success without a degree. The first goal of this project is to build my own website for fun, then progress into more advanced web design, after that I would like to use the foundation I have built here to advance into either Software Engineering / Architecture or maybe regain my love of mathematics and go into more of a analytic side of coding, machine learning does sound cool as well.

This doesn’t seem like a normal introduction, but telling the truth in this post feels like it has broken down some of my barriers and provided some closure.

Any how, I am excited to see where this project goes, chat to some of you folks, and enjoy the journey!


Hello, I’m KS1990. The reason I’m on this site is to build a new skill, like anyone else here. I’ve had an interest in delving into the world of coding, programming, development, and everything else that’s in the digital landscape from a very young age.

Though I was interested, I’ve never felt that interest was strong enough to justify truly investing myself in ‘learning to code.’ I’m at a point in my life, however, that I realize waiting for inspiration or motivation isn’t going to get me anywhere. I just need to take a step forward.

I don’t really have an end goal in mind. I could say that I want to make the next big mobile app, that I want to be the top developer for a fortune 500 company, that I want to run my own business, that I want to revolutionize coding as we know it, that I want to be that next multi-billionaire computer savant.

How realistic is that, though?

For now I just want to focus on progressing in building a skill that I sought out on my own, and as I become more engrossed I’m sure inspiration (aka what I’m gonna do wit all dat KNOWLEDGE) will form itself in front of me.


Hi, everyone!

I’m a little nervous about this journey, but I’m confident that I’ll learn so many things, from so many wonderfully talented coders to help me along the way. I had an interest in building websites starting around 12? and I gave up halfway through my teens because I felt like I wasn’t smart enough to pursue it deeply.

Now, here I am at 25 and past that sort of thinking, to really take this head-on and make this a career.


Hello guys,
I’m new to this project, from Portugal. Trying to pursue a different path so I opted for web development. Good luck to all of you who’re trying to achieve the same!



I’ve always wanted to go into computer science and programming. Instead of taking that in my early twenties I opted for a BFA in photography which I dropped out of due to financing. I’m now here ready to pursue what I’ve always wanted to go into. I am hopeful for this project as it allows people like me who are paycheck to paycheck the ability to learn in our own time and without the massive overhead of going back to college. I’m thankful this exists and acknowledge that many before me had to fight much harder to learn coding. I’m nervous but excited as I’ve felt stuck for a while in life but this is going to open so many doors for me. I can’t wait to contribute back to this project to help more people pursue new careers and opportunities. This community seems very open and welcoming and that is an added bonus. Thanks to everyone who is making this possible! :star_struck:


Hi I’m Jake and I am following the odinproject to learn web development effectively!


Yup. You guessed it. It’s another viking, starting his code learning journey. ; )

This viking happens to be from Estonia and goes by the name Kristjan and has set his mind on becoming a profficient programmer one day, with the current goal of learning the basics in web dev by the beginning of July.

May luck-… No, scratch that… May GRIT be with me. ; )


Hey Viking, I’m new too. I have a headstart on HTML and CSS. I’d love to work with someone stylizing a site I built but the backend is messy and I think it’s a good project to work on. There’s some nifty things I’d like to do, nav bars, scrolling divs, backgrounds are tricky. If you’d like, we can work together, I’ll be progressing pretty quickly as my work schedule allows for about four hours a day.

let me know bud! I’m in America by the way!


My sexy Introduction

Howdy y'all. My name is Jake, I'm 28, this isn't my first time trying, but it's my first time since I figured out what I want and learned how to dedicate myself properly.

My intention is to build a really strong core of knowledge over about five months and then sign up for a bootcamp that might help me get placed and reinforce skills I built on my own. I'd really like a career in the field.

I'm actively looking for a partner who might be able to run shoulder to shoulder while we hit the difficult parts of the journey. I think different perspectives help, and the site seems to agree. Please hit me up here if you're interested. I also have friends who are deep in the game who might serve as debuggers or help when the community isn't able.

I'm excited to do this patiently, and right. I've heard excellent things.

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