Hi everybody! I am completely new to coding and I am still only at the very beginning. So I have a lot to learn but I am very open to learning. I am quite a creative person and I like the thought of being able to use code as an outlet for creativity. I am also looking into coding because it is a skill which is in high demand and therefore profitable. All the best!


Hello! My name is Jennifer and I am brand new to the Odin Project and starting from scratch. I have no previous experience and I have only worked in sales and CS with a background in Biology. Though with little to no experience, I’m very excited to see where this journey leads me!


Hi! Happy New Year everyone! My name is Sara and I’m interested in getting a little more experience in coding. I took a Python course in college but eventually declared a different major. Excited to get started.


Hi, my name is Dan. I’ve been teaching ESL for 20 years! Wanting to learn to code to get into a new field.


Hi everyone!. I’m Martin, from Mendoza, Argentina. I’m an agriculture engineer trying to learn to code. I’ve wanted to study programming since I was a child but never could do it. Hope to be useful to others and learning in the process. See you around!.


Hello Everyone. My name is Ahmed, a mechanical engineer from Sudan.
I’m hoping to become a full-stack developer within this year and enhance my career prospects!

Best of luck to all of you, let’s collaborate creativity!


Hi everyone! My name is Gary and I have a marketing background but would like to become a full- stack developer to throw on the stack with my current skills. I’m also hoping that the new skillset will give additional opportunities to relocate. Good luck to everyone!


Hey, currently working as a Lines Maintainer in Canada. Looking forward to a new challenge in front end dev and getting to know some of you on here.


Hello! My name is Matt from the United States and I’m here to learn web development. I’m coming in with almost no knowledge at all on the subject and am very excited to learn a new skill. I hope to be able to help and collaborate with you all in the future.


Hey there I am Ethan from Mt, USA. I have been learning web dev for over a year now and am looking to getting back into programing and reviewing some basics.


Hey there SpicySushi , kumar here i am also learning HTML/CSS .
from Malaysia really wanna master the critical thinking concept of hard coding . cheers


Hey there from Malaysia here , let me know how is the progress and if we can pair up and build something . Cheers


Hey Kristen, I am in the same boat as you extremely determined to see this course trough and hope to come out the other end as an awesome coder . Still a noob at everything and easily get scared if something doesn’t go along to plan , and i spend hours trying to figure it out .


Hi! I’m Dave, unemployed and looking to make web development as a career option. While I do have some experience in the past, I was never thought the proper way to do full stack. Hope to learn a lot!


Hey everyone, my names Lucas and I’m from Kansas City. Fairly new to web dev as a whole, but super excited to learn!


Hello Everyone,

I’m Aaron from Pennsylvania - nice to meet you! I’ve worked in IT for the past 7 months and realized that I wanted to spend more time learning web development in hopes of changing my current career path.


Hi. I’m Lorna and I’m from Scotland. I’ve been learning with freecodecamp and am on the javascript section. Someone on twitter recommended TOP as an additional resource so I’ve signed up for the complete javascript dev track. I want to become a full-time developer by Christmas 2021,


Hi, i’m really new to this, but like they say - newer to late to start, never too old to learn :slight_smile: Looking forward to in interesting journey.


Hi, I am John from the USA. I am working on learning full stack web development to transition from a career in oil and gas.


Hi everyone. I’m Andrew from Liverpool, UK, and I started learning to code at the beginning of the year. Looking forward to getting involved with The Odin Project and its community.