Hi Andreas,
Welcome and all the best


Hi! I’m John from the UK. I’m looking to become a front-end/Full Stack web developer. I’m looking forward to working my way through the courses and helping and receiving help from others.


Hi I’m Tina! I’m from California, recently graduated with a BA in Comm Studies, looking to expand my horizons. I have no experience in coding but took a couple web design classes in college and enjoyed it. Looking forward to starting this journey!


Hello, My name is Joseph Hunter from Bronx,NY. I needed a career change after a work related injury I’m an ex-paramedic. I’m nervous but I know i can do this.


Hey everybody my name is Matt and I’m currently based out in Austin, TX. I’m looking for a solid career that will allow me to work remotely (wanting to become a digital nomad). I got fairly far into my last attempt at Odin Project (was able to make a commit to the curriculum) so here’s hoping this time I’m able to finish the whole thing out! Best of luck everybody


Hello everyone! I’m Matt from Washington, DC. I’m looking to improve my dev skills and hopefully make some awesome stuff soon!


Hey everyone! I’m Katelyn and I’m from Florida! I’m hoping to learn the skills I need here and transition into a new career!


Hello! I’m Ashley from Texas. I’m looking for a new challenge and want to learn if programming could be a future career for me. Excited to learn!


Hello, my name is Saddam.
I’m from Indonesia. I’m looking forward to start learning to code in order to secure a decent job. I’m going to attend university this year. Please take care of me. :slightly_smiling_face:


Hello - I am Greg. I have been working in Finance for 10 years now and have gotten burned out with it. Looking to change careers into web dev.


Hey I’m Zach. Ive been a “web developer” for 3 years but all I really do is edit content on wordpress and occasionally set up new themes. I know a good amount of the basic front end stuff, and I can set up a custom wordpress theme but almost nothing outside of HTML/CSS and a little bit of javascript and wordpress PHP. I would like to get deeper into the world of web development and get a move on in my career.


Hello everyone! My name is Alonso and I am from Mexico. I’m looking forward to develop this new skill in order to create a local company of web development as well as personal projects. I have a small background in coding and have always been interested in it. Great to meet you all! I hope I can contribute something to this community.


Hi Everyone, my name is Justin and I am from Washington DC. I want to learn to code to provide valuable products and creations to other people. My goal is to become a full stack web/blockchain developer. I’m looking forward to learning and being a part of this community!


Hello everyone. My name is Jonas and i am from Denmark. I have tried learning to code a few times before to some succes but because i’m also doing a Major in informatics and business studies i had gotten away from it. Now i think it’s the time to take up the challenge ones more and stick with it.


Hello my name is Randy Manzo, I was born in Congo, grew up in Paris, France, and now i live in Los Angels. i like computer, building things and solving problems. i want to become a software developer to help Africa develop as well by bringing the skills i will learn to build something that will help.


Welcome Randy,

Great to have you here learning with us.


Hello, I am Carter Soule from North Dakota.


Hello, I am Gabrielle, and I am from Michigan.


Hello, my name is Zach. I’m pretty new to coding and looking to make a career switch from architectural welding into full-stack web development. Currently residing in Texas and hoping to move Washington in about four months. I’ve started a blog today, about this journey with The Odin Project, to help organize my thoughts and chronicle my journey from welder to web developer. I look forward to this next adventure.


Hello! My name is Tim - i’m a Data Scientist/Machine Learning Engineer in Canada. I’ve realized how large the world of Computer Science and Software Development is, so I wanted to expand my horizons and learn web development!