hey y’all i’'m a dude who has got far too much free time and minimal hobbies. figured it wouldn’t hurt to try to fill some of that time with something hopefully beneficial to my future, or if nothing else pretty interesting. Heres to learning!


Hello Everyone. I am starting TOP to hopefully gain a position as a developer. This is my 5th attempt at trying to learn coding. I am turning 50 and I am REALLY wishful that I can still get some sort of position in web development at my age (even though this is probably going to be pretty challenging). Regardless, it is important to learn this in today’s world. Looking forward to helping others as I go along. All the best everyone.


Hello, I’m from NYC! I just started my Odin Project. The hope is to eventually one day become a full stack web developer with a few ideas for some websites/apps.


Hi! I’m a public health worker from Tenessee, USA who has way too much free time during work, so I figured I’d put it to use by learning how to code. I’m looking to mainly develop a new hobby, but I wouldn’t be mad if it turned into a side hustle!


Hi, I’m Brenno. I’m looking foward in learning the basics and essentials of web coding since I learnt the usefulness of it, I have friends that work on the area and I’m eager to join them when the time has come. So far I’m loving the way The Odin Project works and I’m positive this will be a great experience.


Another New Yorker here. In the early years of a journalism career, but high demand for programming skills and a brief classroom introduction to HTML/CSS inspired me to go further with this and hopefully open more career doors for myself. Hoping to learn enough to put together and contribute to some interesting projects in the future.


Hello I am giving this a shot because I absolutely love problem solving and constantly see things that I wish I could improve upon in my daily life. I am also interested in making a career change to programming as i have done the rounds with normal careers and want to find something more fulfilling.


Heyyooo familia for the next 4 months orr so. Electrical engineer here getting into coding. Wish me luck.


Hello, Everyone! I’m interested in Front End development and have been trying to teach myself for a while, but I’ve specifically been struggling with CSS. I heard TOP was good and after reading a bit of Web Dev 101, I like the teaching style and hope it’ll help me get a better grasp so that I can start building. Good luck to all!


Great to Know You:grin:: I’m from Ghana as well and my journey with Odin begins now…Looking forward to the experience

Micky from Ghana


Hello everyone! I’m Mars and I’m from Tennessee. I’ve heard a lot about TOP online and have always been interested in coding, so I thought I’d finally take the dive into learning! Very excited to see what the future holds! :blush:


Hi there, welcome! I’m Richie from Georgia, glad to know your interested in computers too.


Hi all! I’m Rebecca from Pennsylvania. I’m excited to give Oden a try, and I look forward to working together to solve some challenging problems. :fist:


Hi, I’m from Thailand. My journey will begins here!


Hey, I’m Dallas from Utah. I actually have a (half) development job at an inventory software company where I build customized reports using SQL and Jaspersoft reporting software. At this point I’m very experienced with SQL, and if you need a single line Java expression, I’m your guy!

My company is developing new products that will call for more expertise in web development so I want to get my skills up to par. I’m not usually a person to comment on forums and introduce myself and stuff but I’m trying to keep myself accountable.


Hi I’m Bryan. I currently work as a systems analyst but I’m looking to get more into the programming side of things. I enjoy web development as a side hobby and am looking to learn some new skills and improve my existing skill set.


Good Morning,

My name is Dustin. I’m finishing up six years in the Navy and returning to college to pursue a Software Engineering degree this fall. I’m hoping The Odin Project will help me develop a good foundation, or even help me land a job if I decide college isn’t for me.


Hi Everyone :raising_hand_man:
I’m Vipin from India. I’m developing websites with PHP for a few years but also wanted to learn Ruby on rails. So here I’m!


Hey, I’m Lee from Germany. I’m a male geriatric nurse since 2009, always wanted to be a software engineer since I was a kid. Now the time has come, I want to switch on to a new path in my career.

Here am I, wish me luck.



Making changes in my career path. Thought this would be more suitable for someone with my interests. From Canada, sitting in a snowbank as we speak. Only way to stay warm is my over heating MBP.