Hello! I’m Elia from the Netherlands, getting back into coding after doing a bootcamp last year



I am a former fixed-income trader for a large bank in America. I changed careers and started a government contracting business. Learning to code to better understand my customers issues and how our solutions can/will fix their problems. Excited and nervous!


Hello TOP,

I’m just beginning my programming journey.

Looking forward to this journey with you all.


Hey everyone, im Jamie Griffiths from Toronto, Ontario. im bit a gadget nerd with a bit of a background in design and marketing. Im hoping that by learning to code, i can work with smaller companies doing as much as i can from the ground to help them grow.


hi, my name is Michael Kisingi, joined the coding movement. I lack some experience in coding. Thanks , looking forward for you help


Hello everyone!
I’m a housewife looking to become a programmer. I’m also a Nigerian living in Cameroon with my husband, toodler and baby. Hope to connect with you soon. :slight_smile:


Hello all, my name is Gabe and I’m from California. I’m learning code through Odin to help me make a career change, I really like working with computers and am tech savvy. I work in a hospital and it’s very physical work so I’m hoping this will be something I will enjoy and turn into a full time job someday in the near future.


Hello everyone,

I am learning how to code through The Odin Project to help make a career change. Currently, working as a health inspector where I conduct food safety audits for a local health department. I have a strong connection with computers since I was young and now I think that it is time to follow my heart.

Totally scared about this life change and I hope that we enjoy our journey together :smiley:


Hi everyone,

I’m Josh. Nice to meet you!
I’m trained as an ecologist in the UK but I’m learning with The Odin Project because I hope I can change careers into software development.

I’m so excited to make stuff! :grin:


Hey, I’m from the United States. Police Officer incredibly bored with an unfulfilling career that does not offer a challenge. I’m extremely interested in development. Feel free to connect with me!


We can change if we commit to this. I’m sure of it!


Hello world,

I am Julien from Switzerland. I work in the public administration and am always looking for new things to learn. Right now, it’s web development, let’s see where it brings me.

Best wishes to all of you !


Hello all!

I’m starting in on the Web Dev track after spending several years working on my HTML/CSS game. I know enough Javascript to be dangerous and I’m hoping to know more. Looking forward to seeing you all in the forums!


Hi, I am Brooke from Florida. I am currently at a position that requires me to do some front end web dev and I am looking to learn more. I am hoping to eventually become a freelance web developer to give me the ability to make my own hours, work remote and make a comfortable salary. Looking forward to learning a lot during this project!


I’m out of work and utilizing the time to learn what I can before landing a new position - perhaps one in the world of coding! I’ve been learning music theory, how to play a variety of musical instruments, trying my hand at Spanish (I’m still a beginner :laughing:), learning my way around the animation program Blender, and now I’m diving into the world of coding once again! I’m excited to have The Odin Project for a more structured way of learning, and I’m glad for this community to help me along the way!


Hi Community!

I’m William from Texas and I’m more than excited to be on this journey into the dev world. I currently have a background in IT. Hopefully, this will steer me into new opportunities and I look forward to soak it all in.


Hi everyone! I’m brand new to this and just taking my first steps, but I’m really looking forward to learning and connecting with great programmers.


Hello! I hope everyone is having a good New Year so far. My name is Kristen and I’m from West Texas (yeehaw :D). I am a young mother pursuing to launch a career into web development, which I am super excited for. I have no prior experience in programming but this is a field I’ve always taken interest in. With my son in mind, I am very determined with this pathway and I am a firm believer that we all got this! :smile:


Afternoon everyone from the UK. I have some experience having done some codeacademy courses but I’m now looking to get properly into coding. Been struggling to get a career started so I’m going to swap career paths and give coding a good shot. Hopefully, everyone gets what they’re looking for.:clap::clap::clap::pray:


Hello everyone! I currently work in retail management with a degree in an unrelated field. Looking to make a career change after 6 years in retail after graduating uni and this is the first stop in my journey. Can’t wait to see where this takes me!!!