Hi I’m Indy from Indonesia! I’m new to the community. I hope learning here will develop my soft skill for my working experience. I’m looking forward to Odin Projects!


Hi, I’m David, I am new on the Odin project, I’m from France and I aim to learn full stack dev.



My name is Joseph. I’m from Philadelphia. Just started learning how to code at the beginning of the year. I heard good things about Odin Project and I like how it doesn’t beat around the bush. Good luck to everyone on their journey.


Hi, I’m Jai from the Philippines. I’ve just stumbled upon this website upon a mention of it on Reddit and was recommended by fellow redditors from r/learnprogramming. I’m currently working as a Java Programmer eager to learning more on Front-end development and Ruby on Rails. Wish me luck on this journey!


Hello. I am Jennifer who recently moved to Nashville. I signed up for TOP today so I am brand new! Looking forward to communicating with the community.


I am Philip from Nigeria, I love working with computers. Although I have a geology background but I’ve decided to swap into software development and I believe the odin project will help in making my aspirations come to reality. Thanks


Hi, I’m Brain, a mechanical engineer by trade. I’ve always enjoyed coding but never really learned enough or dedicated enough time to make it anything more than an interest or light hobby. I’m excited to begin re/learning coding in the hopes to supplement my current job with freelancing and potentially switch careers.


Hi, my name is Howie. I’m just getting started in learning to code. I was brought here by my brother who currently has a job doing backend work primarily at this point. I’m planning on doing the Odin Project as well as continuing the freecodecamp work I’ve already been working on. I’m not sure if front end, back end, or full stack is my interest. I hope that spending time with the community and practicing will help me to make that decision.

I’m a bit of a nomad, I’ve now lived In 9 different states here in the US. I’ve traveled to almost all of the other ones. I’ve been to Puerto Rico, but outside of that looking to travel outside of the states.

My other interests are working out, snowboarding, rock climbing, the occasional bar hop, anime, fishing trips with my dad, and gaming to name a few.

As far as work goes, I’ve done a variety of things. Right now I’m doing storage systems for hospitals/military bases. I also did custom wood work for bars, doing bar tops, drink rails, shelving, tables, and benches. Prior to that I was a maintenance technician for an Aluminum extrusion company, and before that I was an aircraft mechanic in the Air Force.

Nice to meet everyone though, looking forward to maybe another career change?


Hello, I’m Mayur from India, looking ahead to start something new and challenging. Cheers !


H!, I’m Yuvraj. I’m an electronics student and want to learn a bit about web development on the side. It will be a great way to make and showcase my project.
I am excited to learn alot from you guys and looking forward to helping others when my time comes.


I’m Arthur! I’m a recent professional in the field for 4+ years now. I call the greater Seattle area my home. Ruby on Rails is my bread and butter! I joined The Odin Project to lend a hand and to be part of what seems to be a fantastic community!

Reach out if you’d like to hear about my experience from over the years and I’d love to help out in any way I can :slight_smile:

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Hi ! I’m Mélanie from France (Paris). Initially a designer, I want to learn how to develop in order to diversify my freelance missions but above all to be able to develop my own projects.


I am Laura from France,
I am currently bookbinder and illustrator and I want to be web developer and learn some new skills.


Hi Everyone,
I’m just leaving a 15 year career in the military flying helicopters. I’m going to use my GI Bill benefit to get a BAS in Software Development starting in the summer and I’d thought I’d get a head start. Excited to start learning.


Hi! My name is John. I am 34 and am considering going to college for something related to computers and/or software development. I have worked manufacturing jobs all of my life, but I have always loved technology. It is the future, and I want to be involved. I dream of a career where I feel I can contribute to pushing us into the future.


Hi , I am Rabin from United Arab Emirates. I love working with computers and in the process of turning my skills as a computer technician into a full time coder.


Hello, my name is Sebastian, I am 23. I’m excited to learn more about this and this program. Looking forward to finishing the program and have more knowledge towards something that I have been looking into for a long time.


Hi All,

I’m David from Seattle and I’m working through the Odin Project to learn about Web Development as a potential career change in my life. I’m very excited about this journey!


Hi, I’m from America. Currently in South Korea. I am both excited and scared to embark on this journey.


Hi, I’m a high school student from Australia who wants to learn coding. The reason is so i can go to university for computer science and something else that i’m still figuring out