Hello all,
My name is Luis. I work as an electronic technician , and I’m just hoping that coding can become a hobby of mine.


Hi everyone! I am a new member and I have no background in coding. I’m looking to learn new skills and I hope to become a web developer soon. I feel like this is the right place to begin my journey. Glad to be part of the Oddin Community!


Hello there! I’m Amara, I’m 28 years old and I work in a bed and breakfast. I’ve been playing and experimenting with html and css in the past few months, now I’m ready to progress further. I’m hoping in a career change, as I’d like a job that lets me express some creativity and problem-solving skills.


Hello, I’m Thomas, a 1st year design student.
As part of this term at uni, I’m going to be learning how to use an arduino to make an interactive product. I decided to use this opportunity to get to know coding and developing a bit more. This is a whole new world to me. I hope to be able to relate this to the world of design.


Hi Friends!

I’m a 2nd year university student studying Computer Science with a minor in Mathematics. I’m hoping to learn web development in hopes of being able to freelance on the side. Since my studies is focused on some more back end, abstract, and mathematical topics, I wanted to use The Odin Project as a way to learn more about front end technologies and keep me actively learning outside of classes.

Can’t wait to start building more things and see all the amazing things we’ll make as we learn!

Thanks for reading!


Good day everyone! I am new to coding and have been really interested in trying it out. I hope to learn new skills that will allow me to progress in the future. All the best to everyone!


Hey Thea! I’m also a CS student yet looking for more resources to learn Web Dev. Have you taken a web dev class at your school yet? I took one over the summer and it was pretty bad haha. Universities aren’t great at covering newer tech like the stuff used in web dev IMO.


My name is Paul and I’m tired of doing technical support. Looking for a career boost!


Hi! I’m Thomas Oh, a lawyer based in Singapore looking to transition into a career in web development. I hope to learn as much as I can from the odin project and eventually land a job!


Hi! My name is Clarissa and I’m a freelance artist, but I have an interest in web development and would like to become proficient in it.


Hey everyone, I’m Rachel. I’m ready for a career change and excited I found TOP.


Hi everyone! I am Camilo from Colombia. I have a bachelor in International Business and also a Master in Business Administration. I have work experience with education, microfinance and coffee.

I’ve decided to become a web developer to upgrade my skills in order to create a tech-based business, help my friends’ businesses to make a transition into the digital world and also get a remote job that allows me to work everywhere in the world.

Hope to have what it takes to meet a lot of people and become a web developer altogether.

Let’s get started!


Wassup y’all! I’ve kind of been off and on with learning code for about a year and a half, but always fell off the wagon after getting stuck or getting imposter syndrome. On a happier note, I’ve spent the better of the last three or four months learning python, and I’d say that I got pretty dang familiar after creating a few decent projects. I’m not sure if it was my level of motivation or if it was just a good course that I took (colt steeles python course on udemy), but I would absolutely say that I am better at understanding HOW to code (and not just copying line for line and learning nothing) then I ever have been. BUT… in the foreseeable future, I want to work with JS and React to get my career started so I’ve decided to hop back onto the #ReactHypeTrain after refreshing my JS skills on here. Might as well learn some Ruby on the way right? I’ve heard nothing but great things about TOP so I’m excited to get it poppin’! Cheers from Arizona


Hello! I am Michael, one of many, from Southern California. I’ve been interested in coding for a while now and had been using code academy but found it lacking direction. I hope to learn more here.


Hello Everyone!

My name is Nolo, I am from South Africa. My background is in the social sciences and some IT, I am working on expanding that through this platform. I can’t wait to engage with you all and see us give this our best shot!



I am Calle from Sweden. I realised that I have got to much freetime that I really dont use. So I decided to put that time into something constructive and well that thing is coding, which I hope I can use in my worklife.


Hello everyone.

I’m CherriPy from the US and I’m here to learn more about how websites are made and implemented so I can contribute to bug bounties.


Hi there! Hopefully I have pressed the right button! My name is Matthew, hoping to learn how to code. Maybe I’ll score a career in the end! At the very least I hope to learn enough that we can all help each other along the way!


Hi good people,

I am Winslow from the US and now based in Japan. I’m happy to be in the community; let’s all do our best.


Hello, my name is Alex. I’m from Romania and looking to change my career to web development.
I have a project in mind that I would like to learn to create. It’s supposed to update my Spotify playlist based on my liked songs and other popular playlists.