Hey guys,

My name is Nathan from Texas! I’ve always had an itch to learn how to code. Hopefully I learn enough that I can make a career out of it, or just gain an awesome new skill. Good luck guys!


Hello everyone, my name is Greg and I just moved to Austin. I’ve been in low-level aviation for a while, but i’m interested in making a career change. Thanks!


Hi there, my name is Kevin. I’m from Washington and am trying to learn new skills that will help me support my family.


Hello, My name is Mathew and I am from the United States and more specifically Michigan. I am really excited to learn coding as I would like to branch out and get invested in something new and potentially build a career out of it! I am looking forward to adding this course from the OdinProject to my current course-load with school!


Hello - new dad looking for a career change!


Hello everyone,

My name is Alice and I’m currently based in Los Angeles. I look forward to learning through the Odin Project!


Hi, my name is Brennan and I am brand new to the Odin Project but am looking forward to learning as much as possible!


Hi there! I’m Nick, a Doctoral student in Vocal Performance who is looking to learn some new skills and get more of my left-brain active again.


Hello everyone! I’m Joni, from Montreal. I work in the music industry by trade but I’ve been chipping away at coding (specifically Ruby) on and off for the past couple of years. The Odin Project seems like a great opportunity to reinforce existing knowledge, gain some new skills, and hopefully put some of my textbook learning to practical use. Looking forward to diving right in!


Hi! I’m Maggie & I’m from West Virginia. I’m working on the Odin Project & a master’s degree in Integrated Marketing & Communication at the same time, & hoping to break into web design & development. Really excited to learn something new!


Hi I am Vineeth from Gothenburg. Always had an interest in programming but never got deep into it. Looking forward to learn together with everyone else here!


Greetings everyone!

My name is Ryan and I’m based in China right now. I am enrolled in an online CS degree but recently took some time off to freshen up my real-world coding skills. I’m hoping to gain some practical skills that can apply the theoretical principles that I’ve been learning in my degree. Nice to meet you all!


Similar to Ryan above here, my name is also Ryan :grin:

I’m 40 years old and have been farting around with websites since about 2005. I’ve made many pretty simple sites for myself, friends, universities where I’ve worked, and clients. Throughout all this time my main jobs have always been other things (I have a masters in urban planning).

I’m pretty familiar with html/css, and am ok with javascript and python. For the past 11 years I’ve been the front-end dev for a ruby on rails site called I have done some light RoR programming on it, though I don’t understand the fundamentals (I can only take existing code and tweak it). That’s why I’m here! We also have a react native app that I did the design and front-end dev for. But I’d like a better understanding of JavaScript.

I also enjoy using Ruby and Python to make simple twitter bots. But I don’t know enough to really achieve my twitter bot dreams.


I’m Joel TEKAM from Cameroon.
i’d been out of jobs for almost 4 years after worked in Computer networks and Sales and agribusiness; I would like to give a new push to my career throw software development,
Wishing the best to all this community .


Hey there,
I’m a college student currently pursing a degree in CS. I want to dig deeper into WebDev. Nice to meet you :slight_smile:



Hello, I’m Panagiotis from Greece and i hope to get into programming!


Hello everyone! 안녕하세요!
I’m Yeonsue from South Korea. I’ve gone through quite a turbulant career path, falling out of graduate school and stumbling on an office job, until I realized I want to acquire a skill that I can carry with me anywhere and everywhere. So here I am!
I don’t know where this will lead, or if programming will be a good fit for me, but I want to give my best try!
I’m happy to find such an active and helpful community like TOP. I hope I can eventually contribute more than I learn from here.
Wish everyone the best of luck! :grin:


Hi Everyone

I’m Justin , recently moved to Portugal and looking into new career path in programming. I am a complete Newb but looking forward to the challenge of learning and developing my skills thru @OdinProject .Have a great day everyone.


Hi I’'m Tryfon Kalathas from New Jersey, I’m new to coding, but I have a passion for problem solving and want to change my career. I hope to learn enough to become a developer, for I always have had interest in this field.


Hi! I’m a lawyer from Singapore. Am trying to learn more about coding out of interest and a desire to stay relevant in the decade ahead!