Hi my name is Mohamed Ahmed. I’m looking to improve my programming skills since I"ve been a Computer Science undergraduate for over a year now and still feel like I can’t really program. I’m into app and web development so I thought this would be a great place to start!


What’s up everyone. My name is Mark and I’m a pharmacist from California. Looking to branch out into a different field with a greater opportunity for learning.


Greeting from Taiwan! I’m currently studying Product Design but realized this isn’t what I want to pursue, so I decided to give web development a go. Good luck everyone!


Hi there, I am Nagesh from India. Learning to code. I am also doing courses on FreeCodeCamp. Thought of checking out here as well.


I’m interested ultimately in being a C++ developer, working in the audio industry. I’ve spent about a year so far studying C and C++, now I want to get into Web Dev, because, well, I’d like employment sooner rather than later, and since I love programming, its still programming for sure. And there are cool projects and challenges in the web dev world. I think my decent working knowledge of C++ will help greatly moving forward.




Hello all,

I’m an ex software engineer (5 years experience), and currently an English teacher in Japan (2 years experience).

I’ve got some experience with SQL coding and recently finished a web design course on Treehouse so I feel that I have a good foundation in HTML 5, CSS, SaSS etc. but it’s finally time to get my hands dirty and really into some more difficult coding.

Other than my tech experience: I’m from East London, I’m 28, I speak (have been able to speak) 6 languages; English (naturally), Japanese, French, Swedish, Portuguese, and Spanish with some usable German.

I’m always open to making new friends, and I’d love to learn from you all.


Hello, I’m John. I have no experience in coding and I’m looking to change that in order to give myself a better understanding of how things work. I work in Finance and I’m looking to better understand some of the Fintech language and programming to have a rounder base of knowledge.


Hello everyone!

I’m Luke from the United Kingdom. I’ve been sort of holding together my company’s website for the last two years based on bits of knowledge I’ve picked up across my career - think it’s time I actually started to do it properly!

I’m also hoping to maybe turn this into a side-career for myself.

Good luck everyone!



Hello, to anyone that reads this!

My name is Dakota! :grin:

I’ve lived my life trudging through dead-end 9-5’s since the beginning of my working life, and quite frankly, i’m ready to cut that rope completely, and forge a new path!
Programming, and developing front-end skills are going to be one of the more arduous journeys i’ve taken in my life thus-far and am coming in to this with an open mind and heart.

Here goes nothing!


Hey everyone!

My name’s Robbie, I’m currently a Quality Engineer in Glasgow - but that’s just not cutting it!
I’m hoping to get started in an exciting new career where I can be creative and solve interesting problems and Web Dev seems like it’ll be great fun!

Wish me luck, and good luck to you if you’re reading this and starting your own journey as well. We can do it :tada:

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Hello! I’m Marian from the states. I’m looking to make a career change and am really excited to be going through TOP. Can’t wait to get to know more!


Hi, I’m April from the US, though originally from France. I am an incoming high school student who’s been learning to code on and off and would love to finally settle down and get better through TOP. I don’t necessarily have an end goal, just interested in acquiring a new skill and the logic of coding as well as the outlet for creativity it offers fascinates me. Good luck to everyone else on this chain!


Hey y’all!

My name is Hannah and I’m originally from North Carolina, but I currently reside in Texas. I am currently an insurance adjuster for a major US insurance company, but recently I’ve been getting extremely bored with my job. I decided to start to learn to code on the side in hopes that I can possibly make a new career out of it, or just gain a new skill. I can’t wait to start learning more!


Hello all,

My name is Lee and I am from Deep South Texas close to the US - Mexico border. My goal is to learn full-stack web development and hopefully use that knowledge to earn a position as a web dev for businesses in my area! I can’t wait to begin learning!


Hi there everyone! I’m Jenna from Texas and I’m thinking about a career change and after some research thought this would be a good place to start! Good luck to everyone on their journey’s!


Hey everyone!

My name is Bradley and I’m from southern Indiana. I currently work as a Graphic Designer at an IT company. I have some experience in web development, but that knowledge is limited. I’ve taken CSS and HTML courses in the past but have relied heavy on software like Adobe Muse to get the job done as I’ve always been graphically led. I’m ready to change that up. I’ve bounced around from Freecodecamp and other online resources, not finding a groove yet. Today I heard others like myself find hope and what they really needed through The Odin Project. I’m really excited about this as I just want to learn and be able to be confident with my skills.

I hope to get to know you better and hopefully I get to the point where I can help someone starting out as well!


Hello, my name is Mantas, from Lithuania, new to programming, but eager to learn and land a job in the future, started to learn on KhanAcademy and next I want to finish JavaScript course in here. Heard a lot of great reviews for TOP.


hello my name is khan i start learn how to code


Hi, I am Paul from England. I have just started my coding journey with a view to starting my own SAAS business. Hoping to interact with you soon!