Hello, my name is Jacqueline from Ohio. I am fairly new to coding, I took a Web Design class in college and loved it. The school wasn’t that great and didn’t offer hardly any classes for the Web Development major so I quit going and have been self teaching every chance I get. I would like to make a career out of it some day. I look forward to growing and learning with the Odin Project.


Hello Everyone,

This is Ash. I studied Electronics Engineering. I work for an IT firm as a software tech. Looking forward to amp up my web development skills, because honestly life feels empty without the ability to build some cool projects.


Interesting background. When/Where did the oilfield crash happen if you don’t mind me asking?


In South Louisiana, everyone was losing jobs left and right I had several friends a year ahead of me have to move to other countries to even start working. It was terrible for our local economy. My advisor at the time even told me I should consider switching my major and if I don’t, I should consider grad school. At that point I was just done with the whole industry.


Hey everybody! Becca here just looking to gain the skills to start a new career.


Hi everyone! Daniel over here thinking of transitioning to coding from the medical field. Originally wanted to work as a Physical Therapist but am finding myself that maybe working with patients is not up my alley. A little comforting to read some of the other intros where some others aren’t exactly too sure about their lives too. Know that we will be able to get through it. Good luck everyone!


Hi all!! I’m Daniel and am 44 years old. I fell in love with programming, when my dad brought an APPLE II Plus home, one summer day. 64K. Man, all that power at my fingertips!! I read every spiral bound tutorial that came with it. I still remember the smell, of that new technology, and the sound, of each crisp page I turned, in the tutorials. I taught myself BASIC. the summer between ninth and tenth grade(well, as much as I could learn, from what I had to work with). Unfortunately, life took me in a different direction. I am now older, wiser, and regretting not following my dreams. So here I am, an old dog hoping to learn some new tricks!!


Hi I’m Ryan from Canada. Computers have always fascinated me so I’m looking forward to learning more. I have had TOP opened in my phone browser for the last year and just now starting it so wish me luck. Thanks for making this project available. <3


@Barber86, same. I’ve had it sitting idle for almost 9 months, on my laptop. Reddit finally convinced me today, to give it a go!!

I wish you good luck!! :man_student::man_teacher::fist_right::fist_left:


Hi everyone, I’m Rafael from Brazil.

I got a degree in biotechnology and have started my masters in biochemistry last year, coming to realize that is DEFINITELY not what I want for my life. When still on undergrad school I had to learn Python and command line from scratch for a big project on the lab I worked at, I loved it and since then have started to think of becoming a developer as a plan B in case things didn’t go the way I expected (although I deep inside wished I had followed this path from beginning instead of my current one).

Well, now it’s time for this career shift I’ve considered for so long. I’m still finishing my masters degree (one year to go), which means I’ll be conciliating coding with an 8-5 work schedule.


Hey! I am a UX Design student learning programming so I can be more independent with my work. I am visually impaired and my goal is to specialize in accessibility in apps and websites :grin: I’m only experienced with HTML/CSS (my myspace was POPPIN) so I’m a little spooked by the other languages. This program seems to be much less intimidating AND limiting than the other ones I’ve tried. I’m really excited! You’ll probably see me a lot in the Discord, hopefully helping more than asking!


Hey, Folks! I’m Richard, 29 years old from Lancashire, England. Currently working as a Graphic Designer for a small marketing agency, but looking to learn more about front end development (particually Javascript) as this will enhance my skills and knowledge. I know this is gonna be a challenge but I’m currently in the right mindset to achieve my goals. Let’s begin! :muscle:


Hi all! I’m a PhD student and I use a lot of python for data science, but I thought it would great to build some front end skills - I’m really looking forward to it!!


Hey guys, my name is Erica! Currently in entertainment but I’ve always had an interest in development and am finally deciding to learn more about it. Very new to all of it but I can’t wait to see where this takes me.


Hi everyone, my name is Chris, and I’m getting started early on my new years resolution start learning web development. I have done a bit of programming before in python and java, but I’ve never done any web oriented programming so I’m starting on here! Wish me luck :call_me_hand:


Hello Everyone! My name is Travis and I’ve always been interested in Tech and computers in general. I decided to learn web development to not only improve my knowledge but also to pursue a career that aligns with my passions. I am very excited to take this first step towards my dreams! :slight_smile:


Hello everyone! I have to decided to take my career to the next level in 2020! Looking forward to getting started. Best of luck to everyone!!


This seems remarkably like a confessional.
Im Tim- programming is something that I have always wanted to be able to do, but have never really found a reason to do it.
Since listening to Darknet Diaries I became interested in what you can do by understanding code- and I had a go on, got through the first 3 levels of “common sense” and then came up against very very very simple coding challenges. So Im learning to code.
I suppose you might say Im interested in solving problems and puzzles, and have finally found that as a reason to learn to code.


Hi there, my name is John Paul! I am a recent college graduate looking to develop basic coding skills in different languages to help my career projects. I’m looking forward to learning a lot!


Hi I’m Mike, I’m a 30 year old architect in Los Angeles, spent my last 10 years pursuing a dream that I finally realized was not what I hoped it would be. Hoping to still do architecture but at my own pace.

My wife is a web-designer and I’m hoping to ramp into fulfilling a developer role for her projects, really excited to learn and hopefully grow from there. I have lots of ideas and am super curious to learn and get into some cool experimental territory!

It feels great to see so many people here with similar stories, to know that its possible and that I’m not alone.