Hi everyone. I’m from Southern California and currently working tech support for a software company. I want learn to program to open up more opportunities and to build some cool stuff.


Hello everyone, my name is Stella from Lagos, Nigeria. I am just coming back from a career break and decided to go into web development. Am a newbie and excited to be a part of this forum . I want to see what opportunities programming will bring my way.


Hello, I am Jinny! I am currently in the Navy and just wanted to learn how to code on my free time. Nice to meet everyone. :smiley:


Hello Everyone,
My name is Chan and I am here to learn front and back end web development!


Hi all, I’m Hiep. I’m looking to become experienced enough to call myself a full-stack developer. I made a couple of attempts in the past to learn coding but I would always get off track. This time, I’m gonna really try to commit to this and prove to myself that I can learn to code. I’m always grateful for a little help along the way, thank you!


Hello everyone,

Portland, OR local looking to get into coding and found this gem via browsing reddit. Currently work as a IT analyst but due to jobs being outsourced I am looking to get into something that is more challenging and something that will help me find a permanent and more rewarding career. I have a small goal of creating a business website for my dad as he is older and his business is good but he doesnt have the means to add it to the website so that will be my little project and end goal and am hoping to get the most out of this and put my knowledge to use there.


Howdy ya’ll, I’m Zak from Oklahoma. I have some website ideas that I want to make a reality. It would also be nice to make some money at some point ;^).


Hello everyone!
I’m Emily, from Southern California.
I am currently attending the University in Informatics major and wanted to learn more about my major so that I decided to study with more resources at Odin.

I am so happy that found this awesome community to learn together and looking forward to learning front-end design to prepare for my future career.
Cheers :clinking_glasses: :slight_smile:


Hey everyone,

I’m Chester from Los Angeles. I work in digital marketing, and have launched a few websites from hacking together some code. I want to add a little more structure to my knowledge base as I’m always asking wait… why does it work like that.

I’ve always seen working with computers as limitless… but I haven’t figured out how quite to do so. Excited to see what this course teaches me.


Hello Everyone!

My name is Matt and I’m from Columbus, OH. I have done a lot of coding and even have a degree in Computer Science, but need to relearn some of the fundamentals of coding with new technologies like HTML 5, CSS 3, etc.
I am really interested in learning Ruby too.


Hello everyone!

I am Tyler from Des Moines, IA. I have no prior coding experience but I have developed an interest to learn through my current job. I am excited to see where my learning takes me.


Hi I’m Josh and I know diddly squat about coding, hoping to change that.


My name is Leona, I’m from the UK and I’m 21 years old. I gained an interest in web development from seeing my father spending hours every night coding and updating his website, improving its functionality for his users. I want to become a web developer because I’d like to follow my father’s ambitions and I’m always up for a challenge. It focuses the brain and gives me a chance to develop my critical thinking skills to come up with a solution I hadn’t originally thought of.


Hi ! I’m Ab from France, I’m a student engineer in IT and I want to dive in web development. I’m excited to be here.


Hi All! I am from Rob from the state of Illinois. I took a class on app development with Swift and it inspired me to seek more programming knowledge. My dream is to become a highly adaptable and self-motivated web developer. Glad to be here!


Hi I’m Kimel from NY,
I wanted to learn code for quite some time but never got around to it.
I hope here I will make my breakthrough.


Hey everyone! My name is Dani and I have been coding on and off for a couple years. Planning to work hard the next couple of months to start learning code. Happy to meet all of you:)


My name’s Adam. I am a film student who is ultimately trying to do everything on my own and that includes building a website to promote my work I will hopefully go onto make. That’s why I’m here starting the Odin Project.


Hi there everybody,
I’m billy from China.and a beginner in the coding world.I’m really looking forward to improve my technical skills here.


Hi, my name is Stefan and I have always been interested in full stack development. I just recently completed my bachelors degree after 4 years of school. I was a Petroleum Engineering major and had about 3 semesters left. I ended changing my major to applied sciences to finish due to the oilfield crash. I currently work as SASSOP’s for one of those tech companies that delivers food. I want to have a deeper understanding of full stack development, I have very limited knowledge of the backend. Looking forward to learning with everyone!!