Hello! My name is Shreya and I am from India! I’m here to learn about web development and widen my knowledge in the coding area.


Hello everyone!

I have always been interested in learning software development, and working from home! eventually (since I am into audio production) I would love love to create my own audio plugins!

Looking forward to working with you guys.


Hi, I am Oluwaseun Ogundare from Nigeria, I am a graphics designer and would love to learn front end development to land a remote job. Looking forward to working together with people of great minds. Peace…


H, my name is Jason. I’m from Wisconsin. I really got inspired by Michael Reeves tbh. I want to make sites, apps, eventually my own business. I have a 3 year old son. I want to be able to give him a life that is better than how mine use to be. I wanna work in other areas in my life as well. I also want to be able to fund other things I want to do later in life. Hope everyone has a good day/night. I will hit people back when I get the chance.


Hello, my name is Dyelan Fonville and I am new to programming but I hope to learn as much. I am majoring in Software Engineering but I want to gain some knowledge before I get into the meat of the courses. Looking forward to building some projects.


Hey everyone! I’m Daniel from Poland but originally from The United States! I’m finishing up my bachelors in English this year and realized that it’s not for me so, I want to do something more pro-active, as well as something I enjoy doing, while providing a creative outlet. So, I decided I’d pursue programming! I can only hope that this journey will be a fun one, obviously filled with challenges along the way but that’s something I’m ready for.

I want this to be a great change in my life and bring me future joy along the way!