Hello, I am Jeong.
I worked as a QA tester. After a few years break, I just started to learn the web development. I wish I learn from here and help each other.


Hello! I am Enrique and here to learn!


New here too! Best of luck to you!


Greetings from the Tarheel State! I’m trying to get into web development as a new career path. I’ve taken courses through a community, and I’m also working my way through an online coding ‘bootcamp’. After looking over this site, I decided to use the Odin Project as a way to review and expand on what I’ve learned so far. I can probably use all the help I can get, so I’ll be checking in regularly to discuss things with others here.


I’m from North Carolina too. Best wishes!


I am Derstine from USA and I know a bit about computers and hoping to know more about computers and learn about web developing.


Hey everyone! I’m Jordan from Texas. I’m a Junior CS student in college that’s trying to gain knowledge into becoming a web dev.


Hi Anik here!

Been trying to get myself into coding for years, but couldn’t really make any progress. Hope this time it will be different!


What’s up guys! I’m Ron from the US. Just graduated from university with a degree in kinesiology but my passion and interest in computers and programming is too strong so I’m looking to switch into the software development field as a Front-end developer. Hoping to learn a lot and meet some cool people along the way!


Hey Guys! My name is Mellow, I live in Myrtle Beach, Sc but I’m originally from Chicago. I’m currently working for new construction homes, trimming company. I dabbled with HTML and Javascript in high school (almost 17 yrs ago) and I really enjoyed it. I’m trying to get back to it and hopefully land a job in the field. I enjoy meeting new people and hope to make some friends on the way!


I’m also in Texas! I’m trying to switch careers, though.


Hi Juan, also living in Spain!


Hello, starting out


Really excited to get started on this.
Currently a 3rd year in CS and looking to learn some new things to supplement my college education!


Hi everybody! I’m Bjorn and I’m just trying to get back on my coding journey. I’ve tried many times but always get derailed by something. This time I’m determined to see it through, and think TOP is a good place to start. Primarily interested in back end stuff.


Hi Everyone,

I’m Lucas from the St. Louis, MO area. I’m in a position where I’ve had chances to learn some programming basics but I’m hoping to expand my knowledge with a structured approach.


Hello, I’m Chris from the States! I am looking to learn a new skill for a hobby or side hustle.


Hi everyone! I’m Fatma, I’m 25 years old, from the UK, and looking to get into computer science and learn web development here at the Odin Project! :slight_smile:


Hi everybody! I’m Francisco, from Arizona. I am looking to become a full stack web developer and have some previous experience from freecodecamp, Udemy, etc. I currently have a job where I get to write a lot of CSS – but I want to make the jump and have the opportunity to build more. Super excited to join this community!


Hello. New here looking to become a full stack developer. Excited to get started and talk to you fine folks!