Hi I’m Oby,

I’m looking to make a career change and am looking forward to becoming an active member of this community.


Hi everyone. I have some programming background from college courses and previous work experience, but not enough to really consider myself a developer. I’ve wanted to pursue some path to becoming a developer because I’ve really liked the experiences I’ve had while programming and think it may be a good career fit for me. However, I’ve never really been quite sure of the best path for me to take to get there. I recently discovered The Odin Project and am inspired by the testimonies of those who have walked this path before. I’m looking forward to the journey with renewed motivation and direction. See you all out there.


Hello everyone! I am Ruthy from Jersey, currently starting out from zero learning to code. Mostly watching Youtube videos, free online courses and now TOP. I’ve always been intrigued by computers and coding and that’s why I decided to learn some web dev skills. Happy coding everyone!


Hello, my name is Tyler, I come from Sacramento California.I will learn web developing because it seems like a lot of fun and a good way to improve my programming skills (I am a beginner). I one day, will create websites for people who want to advertise their products or any sort of need. I want to help others do something that they currently cannot. Thank you for this opportunity to learn.


Hi my name is Tuna. I am currently a high school student in New York. I am here to learn a couple things about web design over this break.


Hello, I’m Kenneth, an aspiring developer. I am looking forward to know more about web development and programming in general using Odin’s Javascript curriculum. Nice to meet you. :slight_smile:


Hello, I am new the community and coding world. I am from Chicago and excited to learn and transition into a new career path. Hope everyone is having a great day!


Hello everyone! I am new to this universe of coding, but I hope to learn a lot from this journey! Currently in nursing school and hoping to use coding to create a future project… :slight_smile: Cheers!


Hello there, here is my obligatory introduction! I have had web design and programming in the back of my mind since high school and have now decided that this needs to become an important part of my life and hopefully my career. Good luck and strength to all of us!


Sup’ everybody. I came here to get some kind of a structured learning progression to make it easier for me to learn. I have a lil’ bit of experience (nothing major really) to be able to build relatively simple full stack web apps but def not enough for a job interview. Looking to strengthen the foundation and start applying for interviews until summer. :muscle: :muscle: :muscle:


Hi, my name is Katelynn. I am from North Carolina. I’ve always been pretty tech savvy but a lot of tech jobs require college experience. I did a class my senior year of high school that included basic html and css, which I really enjoyed. I realized that web development is something I could learn to do without having to go to college and I’ve been really enjoying it.


hi I’m just here to exert more than minimal effort into the assignment. would love to make some sweet websites B)


Hey guys, my name’s Kyle, I’m a 21 year old living in California and I’m here to learn how to program. I guess for now I just want to learn more and more about software programming… I’m super bad at math and I’m just going to try to grind this out!


Hey everyone, I’m an 18 year old from the sunny island of Singapore! I just finished school and want to occupy my time by learning how coding works and hopefully this opens up greater opportunities for myself in the age of technology :slight_smile:


Hello everyone, my name is David, I’m 30 years old, I live in Paraguay and I’m have previous knowledge about programming (mostly Java, Android and Javascript). but I want to improve my curriculum learning new things thanks to TOP.


Hello! My name is Neila. Not very tech savvy… so it’s weird that I’m looking into programming. I’m interested in learning to problem solve and gain a new skill. If this learning journey goes well, would like to get into developing as a career because of the possibility to work remotely.


Hello all, I’m a current college professor in music and professional musician. I’ve always been interested in coding but have never had the persistence due to my professional life. I’m now hoping I can develop webdev skills to help create projects for my own career, my colleagues, and then possibly make a career pivot.


Hey everyone! My name is Uzair, and I’m 24 years old and I live in NYC. I finished school last year and since then have been working as an iOS developer. I’ve primarily focused on mobile development and wish to expand my skillset to full stack web development.


Hi everybody. I’m just a finance guy looking to learn how to program and eventually become a freelancer. Looking forward to learning more!


Hi, Im James from California and can’t wait to start!!