Well hello hello.

I’m Ricardo, speaking to you from Barcelona, Spain, and I’m here because I set out to be a fully employable developer by the final trimester of 2020. This post also serves as a commitment to you all and myself that I will work towards that goal.

Cheers to you all and looking forward to learn together!


Hey Everyone, I’m KJ. I currently program in python and dabble in C but want to try this full stack stuff. I have a degree in Electrical Engineering but have been in software dev, mostly automation for the last 7 years. Trying to make myself more valuable to the company and see what else I can do.


Hello everyone! My name is Tia Elster, and I’ve decided to study programming because I appreciate how it combines creativity and logic. Plus, in terms of lifestyle, it’s a great field for working remotely with a good salary!


Hello, I am Tyler from Kansas City, MO! I have been on and off self teaching myself for awhile but I always fall out of it. Not going to this time.


Hi all,
I am Saul from California. I am currently a college student trying to become a full stack developer. I am passionate about programming and hope on landing a job within the next four months.


Hey! I’m Alex and I’m teaching computer science at an international school in Seoul, South Korea. I hope to learn and contribute as much as I can to this community!


Hello! I’m Katelyn. I’m an undergraduate student from Ohio, USA. I’m looking to get a head-start and better understanding of coding languages and hopefully start my first project!


Hi everyone! I am Madhur from India. I am currently majoring in Computer Science but we don’t get web dev taught. I need it for a project so I thought I might as well learn it the right way from scratch. So excited to be here.


Hello, I’m Thomas M from Texas. I’m hoping to get a head start on college by learning web design here before I head off to college.


Hi everyone!

I’m Larissa from NYC and I’m starting my coding journey in the new year. I graduated with my BA last year and quickly realized that my major wasn’t really getting me far. Since then I’ve heard about coding bootcamps and I’m trying to get a good baseline of knowledge before applying so that I’m not swept up in the insane amout of material that we’ll be learning.


Hi! I’m Emad. I’m a former project manager, now a scrum master. I haven’t been an active coder since i was in university about… 12 years ago. Because of my exposure to technical people throughout my career, I’ve managed to stay somewhat up to snuff with my ability to talk the talk. Over the past year, I’ve done the occasional python tutorial here and there. I heard about Odin Project and I’m attracted to the long form approach as a software development curriculum and how it might apply to me as a learner.


Hi, my name is Boris and I am a young retiree eager to learn how to program.


Hello there,
My name is Rob, I’m pretty new to this whole programming thing.


Hello, I am Anastacia. I’m a fledgling just beginning to learn how to utilize coding. I specifically wish to learn enough to understand our programmers at work and maybe to assist in debugging out reporting process. So for now, I’m just trying to get oriented on learn what it is that I don’t know.


Hello everyone! My name is Vickie and I am excited to get back to programming after a 6 month break.


Hey there! Edward here, looking to challenge myself to learn how to build websites from scratch!


Hello, my name is Andrew. I am a QA Analyst heavily within manual testing and wishing to brush up on my JavaScript in order to help with test automation. I also want to be able to use these skills in other recreational programming areas or for side work.


Hello, Im Daan, I currently study information sciences in the netherlands and i want to make myself an allround competent programmer.


Greetings, I am Ovezmyrat from Turkmenistan. Trying to complete TOP. Have anyone completed it yet?
Much love to every newbie in this society!!


Greetings. Currently a college student eager to do a little bit of coding over the break.