Hi, i am Matías from Chile, i want to learn web development because i want to make pages for my bussiness ideas.


Hello, i’m Phillip from Uganda, Africa. Happy to be here. Eager and excited to learn.



I’m Daniella, from the UK. I’m studying Physics and Philosophy at university next year and looking to expand my skillset and get creative with web development!


Hi Everyone!

I’m Catalina and am a spanish woman living in Sweden! . I want to learn how to code and I’m really looking forward to create and brainstorm with everyone !.

Peace !


Welcome Catalina,

Great to have you here.


Hello everyone,
I’m a classical pianist from Belgium with a big passion for logic problem solving. Coding offers a great opportunity to dive deeper into that fascination and hopefully, someday, I can create my own projects (as a hobbyist for now).



Hello All ,I’m Thanuja from Hyderabad.I came here to learn different courses and grasp the knowledge of them and want to start a career with excitement and enthusiastic job.So one fine day I will record my success and make others to learn from me.That would give me more satisfaction.


Hi, I’m from Germany and working since about 15 years as a backend developer. Now there are some new projects in my company which require frontend development. That’s why I’m here.


Goodmorning, My name is Kelley and I am currently brushing up on all things programming before placing my own business.

Thanks! Goodluck!


Hello, I am Ian, from USA. I am a researcher who loves working with computers and wish to learn more about coding since has become a passion for me. Hope i can learn and understand more by being here and ultimately further my career.


Hi, I’m Ashe from Colorado. I work in Human Resources at a tech company, and I want to explore coding. I used to really enjoy coding when I was a teenager, so I feel it’s high time I reinvest some time into it now. :slight_smile:


HI I’m Felix from NJ looking to learn some modern programming. Haven’t done any since my C64 in BASIC way back in the day!


Hi I’m Yoshi from Ohio in the United States. I’m hoping to learn web development skills to apply in higher education. My dream is to make it easy and transparent for students to access information about admissions in higher education to take out some of the guesswork that currently plagues many schools. I’d love to explore some personal projects in language learning as well!


Hello, my name is Kiera and I am an actor based in Chicago who is looking for a career to compliment my freelance lifestyle.


Hello All, coming to you from Toronto, Canada and going through introductory lessons now. Have been dabbling in CS for sometime now but looking to structure my approach to learning about web development and getting into freelancing to make my time, money and work life more flexible. Hoping to learn consistently and on an ongoing basis to set as well as achieve further goals. Looking forward to working with you all!


Hi, I’m Rachel. I’m a sophomore computer science major at UMD looking to learn new skills beyond the classroom


Hello! I’m Isaac. I am a sophomore music major looking to expand my skills and knowledge about a web development!


Hey all… I’m Jim, and I’m here to learn Ruby on Rails to enhance my skill set. I already know Python, and am quite familiar with NodeJS, but avoided Ruby until I can no longer avoid it.


Hello everyone, my name is Sushant and I am from India. I am currently pursuing a BTech degree in computer science. I try to get my hands on as much learning material i can and ultimately this brought me to The Odin Project. Looking forward to learning with you all!


Hey folks,

I’m Josh, a graphic and web designer from Nova Scotia, Canada.

I’m interested in learning more about programming in Ruby so I can flex out my job skills. Thanks for this great resource and community!