Hello everybody!
My name is Manolis and I am a 24 years old marine engineer from Greece who decided that prefers to work as a web developer. So here I am, hoping to learn and meet new friends!


Hello Everyone!
My Name is Timothy and I am a 22 year old Cyber-Security specialist in my last year of university. I recently worked on a project that had to do with creating an in-house repository using HTML and javascript resources and fell in love with the process. I’m here to learn more and maybe shift into a web development role!


Hello all, I am Lituo from Los Angeles and I am looking to develop my skills for a possible career change. I have been using various online resources to learn HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and Ruby for the last 6 months and I’m feeling a little lost. Hope to learn lots from The Odin Project and participate in the community.


Hi Everyone! I’m Eric from Ashland, Wisconsin. I currently work at a Background Research Company in the IT department on a fluke! I have minimal IT experience, but I’ve always had a keen interest to learn software development. My coworker mention TOP to me a month ago, and I’ve decided to roll up my sleeves and get to work. I’m hoping to become fluent in JavaScript first and foremost, but I’d like to learn Python. Expect many questions from me! :slight_smile:


Hello! My name is Raul, I’m 24 years old originally from Venezuela currently living in Buenos Aires, Argentina. For the past three years I’ve worked as a spanish interpreter for companies and government agencies in the US, helping spanish speaking people over there communicate properly, however recently a coworker of mine had a scare cause her account on the platform we work on got suspended because of an issue with a call and since then I’ve been trying to look for a more sustainable career path. Anyway, my parents and everyone around me had always told me that I should study computer science engineering because I’ve always had my way with computers but I refused because of the math portion of the career, however now that I know you don’t really need to be good at math to be a good web developer I want to give it a try so I’m looking forward to learn lot with TOP and I’m also studying the possibility of starting a coding bootcamp here in Bs As next year.
Sorry for the long introduction


Hi, I’m an American living in South East Asia. I want to program to prototype my own business ideas.


welcome @JourneyKid


Hi, I am Sweekar Piya from Nepal. I have studied Electronics engineering with telecommunications as my core subject but as life moved on I have began to peak interest in web development and gain a proper career in this route. Hope to learn a lot from the odin project.


Hello Everyone
I am Obi from Nigeria. I have little experience coding but I am eager to learn. Lookin to switch careers and have a creative outlook to express myself. I wish everyone on this forum good luck and would appreciate any help along the way :slight_smile:


Hey everyone, I’m Kuhu and I’m from India. I have no experience with coding whatsoever. I’ve always been curious about it and finally, I’ve started The Odin Project. I look forward to learning a lot from the community to help me grow along my journey to becoming a web developer and more perhaps.


Hi everyone,
I have always had an interest in computers however never tried learning how to code fearing it would be too hard. The Odin project is showing me the best way to approach learning the skill. I hope to be able to create my own IOS app in the future.


Hi everybody! I’m Norm! I’m 27 years old, I live in New Hampshire, and I’ve recently decided that I want a career change. I’m currently and engineering technician but always enjoyed coding in school, so I’m here to give The Odin Project a shot and see if this is the direction I want to take.


Hello, my name is Ryan from South Carolina, fairly new to programming. I am excited to learn everything there is about web development also attaining a full time career.


Hello, my name is Cody. I’m 32 and a first year undergraduate in the computer science program at Ontario Tech University, but the pace of that program is too slow so I want to learn how to build cool stuff on the side!


Hi, I am Danny from Las Vegas, NV I am here to help to my hobby into a career.


Hi! Sandro here from ??? actually not sure about that… I travel a lot and always do it in poverty mode. I want to learn web development so that I can work as I move my feet from one place to the next.


Hello everyone! My name is Mike, i’m from a small little po-dunk town in southeast MO. I have ran my own trucking business for the last two years, before which I drove for other companies for about 10 years. I have served in the Army as a SATCOM operator/maintainer. Basically, I am sick and tired of constantly being away from home. So, I’m trying to learn coding to start down an alternative career path. Thankfully, i recently got hired for a work-from-home job that will pay the bills, so I’ll have more free time to actually spend working on this. I’ve made it about halfway through, but I feel like I’m not really learning there, just typing out code that I don’t really understand. I started their curriculum over, thinking maybe I just needed to go through it again, but that didn’t really help, so here I am. I’ve made a few projects now, you’re welcome to check them out if you want. my website is Of course everything is on Github as well, user name WidesVs2. Always looking to hear comments/critiques! Good luck on your learning!


Hi! I’m Kimi. I’m interested in learning more about coding before I decide to declare my major! I am looking forward to doing projects and learning a lot :slight_smile:


Hey! I’m Chris. Just trying to learn new skills to make myself more marketable. Cheers!


Hi, my name is Dylan and I am from Quebec, Canada. Currently study my bachelors in C.S. and plan on going along further eventually. Worked a bit in the field but mostly at the gov and startups, looking to expand my knowledge and heard about TOP.

Looks promising and I am looking forward to learn more about the coding field and how it works elsewhere to expand my opportunities.