I’m Mehdi from Montreal, Canada. I’m an aspiring web developer. Nice to meet y’all!


Hi there, i am Faisal and new to web development. Back to learning after a break :slight_smile:



I am Melchior, a psychology student, who works in game dev QA.
I treat CS as a hobby and a passion, that I try to spent some time on every so often!
Hope I can enjoy being here, and good luck to everyone!


Hello everyone! My name is Ravshan, I am from Boston. I am stuck in a no future job… have no experience in coding, but I really hope this project will help me to get into a new career. hope to hear from people with similar experience. good luck to everyone.


Hey everyone! I am Jo from Austin, Texas. I am a looking for a career change and came across The Odin Project! No coding experience of any sort. I am looking forward to learn along with everyone! Best of luck!!


Good luck!


Hi my name is Brian I am from Florida. I have no experience coding but I am eager to learn. Lookin to switch careers and have a creative out look to express my self. I wish everyone on this forum good luck


Hello! I’m here to learn full stack web dev. Excited to work on a new project!


Hi am Claude…am excited to start building websites cause am a loving of computers n programing


Hi, my name is Julian. I am a student from Texas, and I am looking to have a future in software development or computer engineering. I have very little experience with coding, and I look forward to learning with everyone.


Hello, my name is John. I am here with two goals. One, to become proficient enough in these tools to become employable as a junior dev. Two, continue learning everything I can about computers and networks.

This will be silly, but I played The Matrix on the Gamecube when I was young enough it left a strong impression. In this game, to enter cheat codes, you had to use a DOS terminal. It looked so cool with the green text on black. It quickly became one of my favorite parts of the game. Later in life when I found GNU/Linux and programming it dawned on me. I wanted to be a guru, a wizard, like Neo in the Matrix. It is corny but at the same time motivates me to absorb as much information as possible.

I started to check out programming and went through some of Zed A Shaw’s learn c the hard way. I ran into a concept I couldn’t wrap my head around. How are computers communicating. What was actually going on. I have been working on the physical layer going on 5 years now and learn new things every day that blow my mind. Now, I turn to what is actually going on when I use applications and programs on a day to day basis.


Hi My name is Sign, Ghana west Africa and i’m looking up to becoming a web developer.


Hi all - I’m Mike from California. I’m currently a teacher and looking to jump into programming as I have some friends already in it as well as some interest in it. Hoping to get a bit of a handle on full stack development, as I already have some cursory knowledge of css/html as well as ruby/rails as I made past the cliff of confusion but no further. I hope to persist through this time - especially since I have my second child on the way! Here’s to pressurized learning :slight_smile:



I am Dave. I’m interested in learning web development as a potential second career. Looking forward to learning together!


Hi all,

I’m Kim from Durham and currently learning how to programme whilst learning Classics for my degree :sweat_smile:

Can’t wait to learn together :smile:!


Hi, I am Umair from Pakistan. I am a thirty year old electrical engineer and trying to get into web development. Wish me luck.


Hi, I’m Josh from Canada.

27yo Architecture Student, formally worked in tech as a digital designer. Some coding experience, but trying to diversify my skills and get a better understanding of web development.


Hi All! I am a mom and wife from Virginia, which is on the east coast of the US neighboring Washington DC. My toddler consistently attacks me while typing which may pose a problem while learning to code, but I’m willing to take that risk. I am my happiest while taking a walk out in nature with friends or solo. I am excited to be taking steps to become a web developer. I have a curious mind and a penchant for a challenge so I know I will fit in well. I am so ready to start this new career.


Hi! I love all the things you listed as well, so I wanted to say hi! I am also a mom to a toddler named Alpha who just turned 2. Let’s do this!


Hello everybody! My name is Yuri, I’m from Russia. I’ve decided that the speciality that I was studying for 5 years wasn’t for me, and so I’ve decided to pick up web development. I understand that it’s gonna be a bumpy road but I will try my best to become a good programmer and to have an interesting and well-payed job :smile: