wassup, learning full stack web dev so I can make some cool websites



I’m Andrea, an electronics engineer from Colombia. I’m looking for a career change that hopefully will allow me to land a remote job.


Hey everybody,

My name is Austin as you can see and I am looking to get back into programming. I had went to a local community college majoring in Comp Sci and had the opportunity to transfer to a UC, but unfortunately I hit a roadblock with mental heath issues so hopefully TOP will help me get back on track (:


Hello everyone, I’m Spark . I am a Computer Science student in UITM. Looking forward to learn new things here and make new friends!


Hey everyone! My name is Adeeba, and I’m from NYC. I am a singer and a writer, and want to branch out and develop skills that might be valuable in the job market.


Hello! My name is Vera and I’ve been working in digital advertising for the last 7 years. I’m learning how to code because I’m hoping to transition from advertising to web development. It’s nice to meet you!


Hello all!

My name is Lee and I am from the UK. I am eager to get into code as a life long goal of mine that hopefully will be a reality at the end of this as I’d truly like to pursue a career in the field. Any and all advice is welcome going forward and I hope to see you around the forums!


Hi everyone! I’m Tudor, currently living in Dublin, Ireland and striving to start my career as a remote full stack developer. Freedom to travel and live anywhere are my main motivators.


Hi,specialization is important, and good luck on your journey.


Good day, From South Africa :smile:


Hey everyone,

I’m James from Austin, Texas USA. I have always wanted to have a coding background for career fields that i’m interested in such as game content development, security, and website development!


Hi,I am Asserts321 ,i am intrested in learning new things daily and getting the best deal out of anything.


Hi, I’m Shawn from North Carolina in the US, I have a background in programming from Assembler to Perl, but no real web experience, and minimal actual use experience. I’m hoping to change that, and I’ve found some employment opportunities for web developers in my area; I think it would be a great chance to enter the sector!


Hello! My name is Charles. Looking forward to the journey.


Hello. I’m Franz, from the Philippines.


I am Tanner. I just moved for college and I am trying to learn as much as I can in the coming years to ensure I can secure a decent job.


Hi. My name is Clay. I’m from the Atlanta area. I am looking to become a full stack developer.


Hey there, my name is Yeffry, looking to become a full stack dev :slight_smile:


Hi, I’m Matt from Las Vegas. Did some very basic web page design in high school 15 years ago and now I want to get back into it. Looking to finish TOP full-stack course and possibly open up my own company or join a start up.


Hi Everyone, my name is Darius. I’ve dabbled in programming for some time and have worked tech adjacent jobs. I want to learn how to build good websites, not just copy and paste things I think look cool. Eventually I want to learn to work with API’s.