Hello everybody,
I’m Victor from Lagos, Nigeria. I’ve been a communication specialist for tech startups over the last 7 years. Now I want to transition into a more active role by learning how to code.


Hey everyone!

I have very minimal experience in the basics of HTML/CSS, but super excited to learn all that I can here. :grin:


Hi, I’m Viv from LA. I work as a Resident physician and hope to able to apply data science and development concepts into clinical practice in the future.


Hi all, I’m Andrew, from Canada. I’m looking to expand my knowledge with The Odin Project, and learn as much as I can over the next while.


Hi to everyone! I am Victor from Latvia. I am new to programming, but know a bit of basic HTML and CSS. Feeling very excited to join the project, as it was just yesterday when I first found it in the web. I’ll be glad to hear from you guys and collaborate in some future projects.


Hi everyone. I azmi from Indonesia. Looking forward to learn with you all. Hopefully, this will be enjoyable.


Hi all. I’m Tim and I live in Melbourne. I’ve been working in IT for a very long time, but never really been into proper coding (into Testing/other stuff). Ever since I played around with HTML(some 17 years ago), Web Development was what attracted me towards my career path. But things never fell into place like I wanted them too, and I really didn’t make the required effort to set things right. But better late than never, so here I am hoping to reclaim my childhood enthusiasm for Web dev stuff.


Hello! I’m new and am super excited to get started with the Odin Project. I’ve worked a bit with Front End HTML on websites but would love to be a full stack developer one day. Can’t wait to start learning code and some of the deeper stuff on back end!


Hi Everyone! I’m currently in tech support after leaving the health care field. Originally thought I wanted to get into IT Networking, but Web Dev really piqued my interest. I’m here to see if this is something I like, and to make something unique and useful with my newfound skills.


Hello everyone. I’m Kevin from Antwerp and looking to make a career change into web development. That’s why I’m starting The Odin Project to learn as much as I can while getting in to this field.


Hello all. My name is Kili, currently hailing from San Francisco. I work in education and I’m starting the Odin Project to facilitate a career change. Good luck to everyone, both in learning and in life!


Hey everyone!

My name is Morgan, I am excited to start this new adventure!


Hello you all,

Im Alex, i’m logging in from New York. I currently work in the cosmetics development field with a background in the arts (Theatre, Dance, art History and Photography).

I have always had a passion and deep interest for coding, web development and design. I hope to turn the skills I learned here into a side hustle or maybe even a full time career. A Fascination with UX Design!

Any pointers would be greatly appreciated. Happy coding.



I’m currently living in South Korea, just looking to open my horizons to something other than teaching in the future. I’m looking forward to it!


Hi Im Jeremy, looking forward to learning on TOP!


Hi, my name is Douglas, Im from Venezuela and Living in Argentina, Im looking forward to fully learn how to code to start building up my career in the industry of web development!


I’m new to coding an am aspiring to be software engineer. I was a chaplain in the hospital and I picked up coding two years ago but its been a dabble a little bit struggle and give up. I’m committed to stick it through until getting a job within industry. I’m from California and I would like to be a programmer because i love to problem solve and the work life balance programming allows.


Hi Im Jody, from Cape Town, RSA.

Im currently an IT technician but i have the urge to do more, learn more.

Inlove with CSS and the amazing things you can do with it within a webpage.
Terrified of Javascript but hopeful to get a hang of it.


Hello, I’m Abi. I’m originally from the UK but I now live in Slovenia :slight_smile:
My goal is to overcome my programming hurdle that I haven’t managed to climb over yet. In the past, I’ve always given up but now I’m determined to keep learning and push past that! If I get a job out of this, that would be a plus :relaxed:



I’m from California and currently living in Los Angeles. I’ve been working in the business / finance space for three years and have always had a passion for designing and building things. Web development seems like a great place to vent my creativity. Looking forward to learning with everyone at TOP!