Hey guys, I’m Daniel, former primary school teacher who’s in search for a career change, right now I do an internship at a software developing company learnig Java and soon I’ll be back at the campus to begin a bachelor in CS and I hope the Odin Project gives me a good start in the field of web developing.


Hello there everybody! Ready to learn something new.

Greetings from Spain.



Hi there,
My name is Henrik and I’m from Denmark :slight_smile:

Just getting into this :+1:



The name’s Tessy and I am an English literature Phd from Germany

I am currently hunting for my first job and as I am also thinking of becoming a technical writer, I thought I’d spruce things up a bit by learning more tech skills :slight_smile:

Looking forward to starting on this journey with my fellow Odinites


Hi everyone! I’m Amanda and I currently work for Pinterest. Just here to learn more about coding/.


Hello, I am Jessie Garcia from Philippines. I worked for almost three decades in the middle east as Windows/Network Engineer and now I am out of job for almost 10 months now. I want to become a full stack web developer because there’s a great demand for it and at the same time challenges makes my day.


Hi I’m Paula. I’m from Puerto Rico and I’m looking to learn more about web development. This seemed like a cool resource so I’m going to give it go! Cheers :tada:


Hello everyone! My name is Roderick and I’m a 31 year old graphic designer from New York City living in Berlin. I’m looking to get into coding to be able to bridge the gap of knowledge I feel I lack while designing as a UI/UX designer. Happy to be a part of the Odin Project community!


Hi I’m Ivan. I’m from the Philippines. I have been trying to learn coding for the past year but i always get lost or overwhelmed by the vast amount of information available. Then i stumbled on this website and it looks promising. Unlike other sites which only focuses on Coding itself, this site also helps you to be a better learner. I hope that this will be what i need to finally be who i want to be. I am in your care.


Hi, Everyone!

Making a career change and TOP was recommended to me by a friend whom had recently changed hers. Looking forward to this, and wish everyone the best.



Hi, I am Matthew Blundell from Australia. I have always been interested in web development and looking to take my skills to the next level. So I am look forward to starting the odin project


Hi all!

Been working as a Software PM for just over 1.5 years in NYC. Have picked up a lot of practical knowledge along the way but have been excited to start getting into the actual technical side of things.

Hoping to learn for my own interest/competency and to make myself a more effective part of my team.


Hi Guys, I am Abraham. I am looking forward to learning more through this platform and collaborating to becoming a full Sack developer.


Hi all. I’m Evan, a educational assistant from Vancouver curious about exploring the possibilities of a new career path in web dev. I’ll be using the Odin Project along with a number of other resources to help me along the way.


Hi, my name is Nkwadochi, I am a creative writer and visual artist from Nigeria. I am just starting out learning to write codes and with this I can achieve my dream of becoming a full time writer of both literary texts and codes. I hope to learn a lot from TOP. Nice to meet you guys.


Hi, I’m Brent and I’m learning with the Odin Project. I’m learning to code to make a career change and with any luck make the world a better place.


Hi, my name is Niccolas and I live in Brazil. I’m a computer science student that wants to learn all about web development to see if that is what I want to do. I’m also trying to learn how to draw at the same time. Let’s see what I can get first. Nice to meet everybody.


Hey all!
My name is Jacob. I currently work in marketing, but would like to land a more creative role. I’ve found that nowadays most creative/design oriented roles require a decent amount of web development knowhow. I’m hoping that through The Odin Project I can develop a skillset that will help set me apart in my career (or who know maybe it’ll unlock a whole new passion!)


Hello from Washington! My name is Brian and I work in banking and I don’t enjoy it. I love the creativity and control coding give and I’m excited to git to learning.


Hello! My name is Theon and I am from Luton, UK! I really look to web development as a future career opportunity, and I’m (currently) very excited to learn!