Hello, my name is Joe. I live in Chicago and work as a data associate. I’m looking to transition into software development.


Hello Everyone! My name is Aileen and I am from the San Francisco Bay Area. I enjoy understanding the interaction between humans and technology, so I hope to build my skills as a full-stack developer using The Odin Project.


Hello TOP family! My name is Whitney, I’m from STL, and I’m a complete coding newbie. I am VERY excited and a bit nervous to embark on this new journey, but I just know it will all be worth it. I am a part-time stay at home mom looking to make a massive career change. I am a lover of fitness, nature, family and a lifetime lover of learning new things! I am so very grateful to have come across this community and CANNOT WAIT to get started! Best of luck to you all :):blush:


Hi! My name is Katrina I’m from the US. I currently work in the laboratory of an addiction clinic but have been doing some data mining and processing. The system we have right now is very time consuming and not very accurate. I’d like to learn more about coding so I could potentially write a code to make this process more streamlined. I’m also looking for a bit of a career change so the Odin Project if definitely a great starting point!


I’m Bigblue and I want to start a new career in Web Design either Back End , Front or Full l stack ,whichever I wind up doing I hope to do the best I can and have fun in the process :slight_smile:


My name is Matthew and I am looking to further my knowledge and get some experience and specialize in a growing field. I cant wait to ignite my passion in problem solving and coding!:smiley:


Hey, my name is Chris and I currently work for a large home improvement retailer and I am seriously contemplating making a career change. However I am like a new born babe when it comes to coding and thought that I would give The Odin Project a start, looking forward to challenging myself to learn something new!



Hello I am just getting started with the Odin Project. I have gone on a sabbatical after burning out running several startups and I am using this as an opportunity to finally learn to be a full stack developer myself. I want to be able to make my ideas happen myself and not always be dependent on other people’s time, commitment and money to make an idea happen! I own two codebases and I want to be able to maintain them myself and I also have an idea to create a better facebook for actual human beings… no ifs ads or bots :wink:



I’m just getting started with The Odin Project. Hoping to end up in a full stack developer role eventually!


Hi everyone,

I’m Mason. I’m that person the Odin Project was talking about in overview. I’ve tried to teach my self coding before but I jumped around too much. I’m ready to focus on just this one thing and hope I can make a career in web development.


Loi from Hong Kong. I haven’t written a line of code for more than 15 years. I want to use Odin Project to help me pick up the skills again.


Hi, I am from the United States and want to get a job as a web developer.


Hello, I’m in the USAF, currently I. Minot ND. Always looking for a new challenge and coding has always been an Interest to me. I hope to learn a lot from everyone and hopefully open up a new career path.


Good day everyone. I am junior CS student hoping to get a job as a web developer next year. The choise stood between FCC and TOP. So i decided to get into TOP, mdn and w3schools as well. Wish all you luck!!!


am francis from tanzania just new but i love code hope through the platform i will learn a lot and contribute as well cheers


Hi, I’m Christian from Trinidad and Tobago. I’m a doctor but looking to develop some programming skills as I have many ideas running through my head to make my life and other people’s life easier but don’t have the skills to implement it without coding.


Hello, I am Ahmed, i am an Architectural Technologist looking to switch career paths and become a web developer. Very excited.


Hi, I’m Faby from Brazil. I’m a lawyer but now I’m looking to learn some coding, 'cause I love to learn and tech stuff. And maybe switch my career in the future. Who knows.
Hope I learn from here. :wink:


Hi, my name is Ana and I am from Irving, TX. I am really good out figuring out almost all technology. I think its super interesting to know behind the screen. I am currently going to college for cyber security but i do web development for fun.


Hi, hopefully this will be the platform I need to get myself where I want to be and get a job coding!