Hey All!

I am Andrew from Seattle, WA! I’m 27 and recently laid off from 5 years within Retail Buying and Digital Merchandising and am aiming to learn more about the websites I used/use everyday and how they are built and function. Would love to one day shift gears into a programming career path (being around so many internet giants in Seattle).


Hi Everyone
My name is Michele. I am 50 years old and I am reinventing myself. I am excited to start working on code and learning everything this new world has to offer. Wishing all of us well on this adventure.


Hello, I’m Lucy and I’m a complete newb. I’m hoping to make myself less ignorant and I’m excited to learn new things. Thanks to everyone involved in putting together this amazing resource


Hey all, I’m Brendan, Currently a student in my local community college going for Web Dev, I have a bit of experience but I want learn more about ruby and rails to become a full-stack developer


Hi everyone, I’m John, from the United States. I’m an MIS major looking to get a jumpstart on my coding skills.


Hey there Devs, i am aspiring to be a Front-end-Developer and really happy to be part of TOP


Hi am peter Edebeatu am Nigerian and am new to programming…really excited to be here😇


Hi, my name is Juan, I am from mexico and I decided to join TOP because I love technology and solving problems, I truly believe a career in web and software development is a great fit for me because it allows me to keep learning, get a good income and still be there for my kids


Hello TOP. My name is Christopher. I currently work in Manufacturing - fast moving consumer goods, specifically. I picked up just a teensy bit of python in attempt to understand some of the PLC that controls our machines. Now that I have been introduced to coding I want to understand more, to be able to do more. And if I can make some money with it? Even better. Cheers.


Hi everyone! My name is Randy. I’ve been studying code for a few years but have only made desktop applications so far. I’m very excited that a coworker introduced me to this community. I’ve been using FCC but I can already tell TOP will be way more beneficial.


Hi there! I’m Landon from Texas (Now Tennessee). I’ve always loved computers and new technology but never got around to learning in the inner workings of it all. I’m looking forward to this exciting new journey!


Hey Landon - Nice to meet you!


Hey everyone. My name is Max. I’m new to everything coding. I’ve always had an interest in computers and have dreamed of working remotely. I love figuring out how things work and overcoming problems. I’m excited to see where this curriculum takes me and hope to get on a coding career path.


hi everyone :smiley:, im new here, nice to meat the whole community thanks i appreciate the company.
i’m from peru. :upside_down_face: .
hope to build a great community, good helps each to others.


Hey all! I’m currently studying software engineering at uni. I’m looking into TOP to help build up my github portfolio with more relevant projects


Hello from Vancouver, BC. I’ve joined TOP because I want to learn coding and evolve into a DevOps engineer within the next 12 months!


Hi All,

Dave from Sydney, Australia here. I’m currently a call centre team leader looking for a change of pace. Hoping to dive in and make the most of TOP.


Hiya :smiley: I’m Leigh,
I’ve been writing HTML ans CSS for quite sometime, and am interested in Javascript and all of the magical things it can do! I have been hesitant about joining a community, The Odin Project seems like a great place to start!


Hello, I am Betim from North Macedonia. I am a Computer Science student looking forward to further advance my Web Development skills.


Hi! My name is Tina, I’m 50 and currently live in Argentina. I’m a newb to coding but I have a logical resolving brain which I would like to put to work. This is a brilliant time and age to learn new things with more calm and passion. I really look forward to be able to live from this new and exciting career.