Hi everyone! I’m Isabel, a Dutch criminologist and a psychology student. I have always been interested in coding, but I never did anything with it. Until now! I can’t wait to start this new challenge.


Hello I’m Daniel (I go by Moltak online) I’m a self taught programmer but taking this course to fill any holes I have before looking for a job.


My name is Hector and I’m from Canada. I’m looking to learn to code as a front end and possibly a back end developer as well. I’m doing this because I enjoy computers. I work as a nurse here in Canada but unfortunately it has burnt me out. I am motivated because I want a better work life balance to spend time with my wife and newborn daughter. They are everything to me. I just know when I’ll get stuck on a certain something I’ll just think of them and keep on going.


Hi. My name is Anurag. I am from Boston, USA. I am a dentist by profession. I have never had any formal training with computers but have always wanted to learn programming and am really excited to start this journey here.



My name is Andrew. I currently work as an electronics technician. I have some experience programming however, I would like to hone in on some skills. Who knows where it can lead if we all continue to study hard.




My name is JR, I’m a recent CS graduate who’s trying to improve his skills in order to both better myself and be more hireable. Nice to meet you guys!


Hello everyone,

Been to the desert and back a few times, this is the time I finally push through.


Hello my name is Kenneth, I’m passionate about programming and development. Trying to find a job in it soon. will be following Odin Project and free code camp until I feel I am ready for interviews.


Hi all, Joseph is the name, I have always wanted to learn to code and I am here to learn and to grow in the field of programming. Nice to meet you all.


Hi! I’m Pooja from India. I am a student of Computer Engineering. I look forward to the course to become a full stack developer.


Hello, I’m Carla from TX. I work for a software company but on the engineering support side and I’d love to learn how to actually contribute to the product my company builds.


Hi, everyone,

My name is Ryan, and I currently work and live in Wisconsin. I’ve been in the IT field professionally for about a decade now, and I work as the IT Manager at an industrial and custom lighting company. I love working in the technology field, but I’ve felt a very strong desire to start to transition from a more traditional IT role into the DevOps and Engineering side of things. I’m really happy to have stumbled upon The Odin Project, and I hope it provides me with the tools I need to build my coding skills and transition into a new side of my career!


Hello im Reio I’m from estonia. Ever since i was young i was fascinated with computers, and i’ve decided to give it a try and learn how to code :slight_smile:


hello, i’m laur from the uk! :wave: taking a gap year and have lots of spare time - so thought why not give coding a go!


Hi, I’m Amie. Los Angeles native, graphic designer and photographer. I want to learn coding & web development as it will greatly expand my creative pursuits. I’m as beginner as it gets, so I look forward to seeing where I am when I’m done with the 101.


Hello! I’m from Puerto Rico, and i just got in to this and hopefully i can learn and grow!


Hello everyone my name is Russell. I currently have an IT and I’m a year out from getting my bachelors degree in information technology. I’ve worked in IT for the last 6 years I’ve always wanted a code. But I’ve never had anything like the Odin project to help move me along. I’m excited to get started.


Hey Ryan, I am in the same boat I work in IT. if that’s all I did for us in my life I probably okay with it. But I want to transition and I’ve been looking into it and stuff upon the Odin project. Good luck are you just starting?


Good morning from California/United States! My name Aldrin Peter and have a background in Telecommunications via US Army. I am a civilian now and work for a telecom giant as an field technician. I have little experience in coding. What sparked my interest was watching my son work on “BitsBox” coding projects, creating mini games and small apps. I started working with him and ended up eventually doing it myself :joy:! I decided to get serious with it so my wife helped me researched. I read an article from a military vet ( and it helped me narrow my learning journey down to The Odin Project (TOP). TOP closely resembles the “Code UP” curriculum in San Antonio, TX, where there is a job opening I am interested in. The job seems like it highly recommends CodeUp, but it’s a distance from me and is pricey. So I chose TOP and I know it’ll be challenging, but i’m up for it.


Hi all
I am Alex from Ireland, I am here to supplement what I am learning in my college course as I want to go into web development and also to work on some personal projects of mine.
I am looking forward to contributing. :smiley: