Hello world :wave: , I My name is Thato Malebye. I’m South African born, but currently like in the UK. my venture into coding stems from the fact that I like learning languages, Spoken languages to be specific. I thought i would try learning some coding languages and see how I get on. I’m quite an extrovert and find self study quite challenging so I’m hoping that joining this community will be helpful.


Hello. My name is Chance Jennings. I have decided to learn more about software development to increase my knowledge on the subject and beef up my qualifications for future jobs in the future.


Hello, name is Celi.

I’m an artists with a background in teaching children informally. I have been a virtual assistant for 2 years now, helping people with website design, social media management, and various remote admin duties. I want to take my skills to the next level.

I really want to learn the meat and bones of the website sites I’m creating to give my clients more, offer better quality work and make myself stand-out overall. The primary goal is to freelance as 9 to 5 is definitely not for me. :joy:

Also really glad I found a welcoming community to start this journey off. :star_struck:



I am Thejas from India. A Mechanical Engineer by profession. Kind of new to programming. I have an Evernote notebook full of app and web ideas, and I hope to execute them one by one.



I’m Robert from Germany. I’ve been dabbling with Python for a while now but I’ve also found some new interest in web development, hoping one day this could lead to a new career path. I really like the way the Odin Project is structured.


Good luck


Hi everyone I’m Melba. I’ve recently embarked on this journey to become a self-taught web developer, coming from a non-tech background. I’m both excited and apprehensive in equal measure. I’m very much looking forward to learning new and useful skills to become a full-stack developer. I’ve given myself 4 months studying/learning full-time to start applying for junior/entry-level jobs. Will see how realistic that is! The Odin Project was recommended on Youtube and am super glad I read that comment because this looks awesome!


Hi all, I’m Kami from Japan. Studying web development and trying to become a front-end developer.
I love making website with html and css but never went far from there, so for now wanna learn javascript and React so that be able to help my company’s application development I’m currently working for :slight_smile:


Hi I’m David from the Bay Area. I am interested in becoming a Full-Stack Web Developer for a new career path.


Hey everyone, I’m looking to learn to program as I’m dissatisfied with my current job and looking to switch careers. The mixture of growth in this sector, decent pay, and sheer variety of jobs that are available in this field made me decide to give it a try. My hope is by early/mid next year, I’ll see the fruits of my labor pay off!


Hello all,

Discovered Odin yesterday - Just from the intro to the course i knew this was for me. Deeply resonated and super excited! No doubt it will be one of the biggest challenges so far in my life, but this is a sector i want to do great things in!

Best of luck to old and new learners alike; lets crush it!! :smiley:


Hello everyone,

I am José from France. I am a PhD student in the search of a new professional journey. I just moved to a new city and I am hoping to eventually land a job in web development. I hope this will be the beginning of a great new journey. I speak Spanish, English and French so if I may be helpful on anything don’t hesitate !

Cheers and thanks to The Odin Project, I have been looking for months of trial and error a place where to launch my journey !


Hello everyone. My name i Eric. I’m in Florida. I’m looking for a career change, and decided to start working toward a career in full stack web development and coding. The Odin Project looks like a great place to start!


Howdy, I’m Nikki. I’ve learned and relearned a few “Intro to fill-in-the-blank” coding courses because I seem to have issues with consistency. Hopefully The Odin Project can actually keep me on track.

Trying to learn everything coding so I have a fighting chance against the T-1000’s that are sure to come and take over.


I’m Sania, and I’m a student. I’m really interested with coding but I’ve never been able to learn it. I’m very excited to get learning and I hope I can turn my interest into a career. Can’t wait to get started.


Hi, I’m Zach and I’m from the United States. I’m attempting to learn programming and work my way into a different career path. I’m starting from absolutely no knowledge and intend to grind until I can learn every little bit I can. Good luck to everybody here embarking on a similar journey!


Hi everyone, I’m Jeremiah. I’m an HTML and CSS developer looking to expand my Javascript knowledge. :slight_smile:


Hi, I’m Danae from Washington state! I’m currently working as a nurse and I feel like coding will be a good thing to have on the side. I’m very excited to dive into The Odin Project.


Hi, my name is Ryan. 30 yr old that’s tired working reception jobs and making too little to make ends meet. I started learning programing first when in college, and due to various circumstances had to give it up. I’m just coming back now 10 years later, hoping to continue the learning I started then and get myself job ready (eventually, trying to keep it in my head it will take time). I’m glad to have been recommended The Odin Project by reddit and various programming friends, and I’m already happy I’ve taken the time to start. Cheers!


Hi, I am Jannik from germany. I am looking for a new challenge and would love to create my own app in the near future. I hope i can learn a lot and automate some of my daily tasks