Hello everyone!
My name is Ankit and I’m from India. I’m here to try and learn more about coding.


Hello all,

I recently started my academic Computer Science career and I’m excited to learn all about this field. I know that just going through the motions of a major at university isn’t all there is to it, so I’m excited to do learning on my own to become a more well rounded coder. Not exactly sure where this is gonna take me, but I’m excited to find out!


New guy here, happy to have discovered this space on the web!


Hey all,

Social worker here looking to learn programming to hopefully change careers and add more skills to my resume.


Hello, my name is Bogdan. I am currently working as an electrician but I have always been interested in in creating. I love photography and videography. I want to learn how to code and create programs and websites and hopefully one day own my own business in this field. Glad to be here!



My name is Jeff, and I am currently trying to learn front and back end development. I am worried I might be too old to start learning how to code and make a career out of it, but I guess we will see!!


Hello, I am virendra from india kolkata West Bengal.I am interested in earning through this programme
I have Basic Knowledge of Computer Hope to learn and earn


Hi there TOP community! My name is Ryan, and I am in free-flowing city of Austin, Texas. I am adventuring through the TOP curriculum with my partner, Jeremy. We are both fairly new to programming and development. However, I am about 40% through Harvard’s CS50, so I am coming in with some knowledge. I also work for a technology company in Austin, and I have a lot of daily exposure to technology and programming concepts/discussions. My goal is to greatly expand my programming/cs knowledge, which should benefit me at my job but also in my entrepreneurial pursuits. I’m excited to start this journey, and I hope to meet some of you in the Odin community. Let’s do this - growth mindset 100%!


Hey everyone! I’m Roman from Texas. I originally was studying computer science in school for 2 years, and dabbled in the basics of web dev on the side. But I dropped out to travel while making money online through copywriting. While traveling, I unfortunately got sick and had to come home. But traveling really helped me figure out what I wanted to do in life. Now I’m back home and have decided I am going to learn how to code definitively!


Good afternoon, Odin community! My name is Jeremy, and I am in the sunny city of Austin, TX. I’ve decided to embark on the coding curriculum with my partner, Ryan. Unlike, my partner, I am coming into the TOP program with zero knowledge of coding. I also work for a tech company in Austin and exposed to new and daily products/concepts. I am very excited to broaden my skillset, as this would be uncharted territory for me, with a chance to develop my personal and professional goals - here’s to continual growth!


my name is Anna, and I am fairly new to this. I tried some resources, but need a better one, and here I am! I am excited to learn!!! I am living in St Pete FL at the moment,


Hi everyone. my name is Joel and I am super excited to start learning how to code and can’t wait to see how much i can learn and what I can code in the future.


Hello, I am Ben from USA. I really want to learn some form of computer tech for a back up career, and web development interests me the most. I know a little about programming (Python) but am more interested in building things on existing networks and frameworks. Also very interested in facilitating connections and communications, so I figured web development would be a good way to go. I have designed a few websites and found that enjoyable as well, and many times wished I could have more control over the details of the website functions. Anyways, looking forward to learning with the Odin Project.


I’m Kevin from Austin, TX (hi Jeremy and Ryan) and I have had the idea of learning to code for about a year now but was never really “ready to begin”. Well, I started a few days ago with freecodecamp and I am kicking myself for not starting sooner. I felt like I was blowing through the lessons and wanted to get out of their sandbox and explore/create/experiment with what little knowledge I’ve gained. I found TOP and thought it could be a good fit. A job is the end goal but I’m mainly looking forward to the challenges and the satisfaction creating my own projects. I’m not in a hurry and I’m excited about the journey.


I’m Wynner from Dominican Republic and I’m trying to learn software and web development


Hey all, my name is Anthony and this is probably my 5th time learning to code over the past several years. I gave up my first few times because I was trying to focus more on design work, but then my itch for development came back. For a while I was putting in time every night and weekends, and finally landed my first dev interview in March. After getting to the final round of interviews, I didn’t get the job, which hit me hard. I decided to take a short break, but then my current job got crazy again which has prevented me from writing a single line of code for the past five months.

With that being said, looking forward to the Odin Project! JavaScript was always my biggest pain point, so looking forward to learning Ruby here before getting back to JS.

Sorry for the ramble! Happy coding everyone :slight_smile:


Hey Everyone!

New member here and I’m from Canada. Looking forward to learning and being a part of this community. I’m currently an undergrad in CS, but looking to explore more of the web development side of CS instead of just theory. Hoping to stay consistent with the goals in the Odin Project and add some great projects to my portfolio.



My name is Sheldon Kumm and I’m from South Africa.
I currently run a hosting company and have built a successful Online Media company in my career. I ran into the problem of being “a jack of all trades, but a master of none”.
I require the knowledge needed to classify myself as a Fullstack Developer to enable me to take on more projects than I can and to be able to assist a client with any need without needing the help of templates or pre-built applications.

I am excited for this journey!


Hello, I’m Kris, I’m new here and just started the oden project. I’m from Vancouver, Canada, but I live in Barcelona, Spain. I used to be a lighting designer in the film industry, but I have spent the last 6 years using and building my own little projects with Unity 3D and I want to take it on as a serious career now. I noticed that a lot of job postings for Unity developers require experience with Ruby, PHP etc. So I thought this would be a good place to come and learn. I want to expand my knowledge base. I am quite good in C# as I have been implementing it in Unity for several years now, I also have some experience with JavaScript, but my knowledge of the back end is very basic. Time to learn!!


Good luck!