Hi everyone!
I’m Milena from Poland. I’m just starting my programming adventure. It’s nice to be here.



Patrick Here!

Trying to get back into Coding and IT - it has always been a passion and interest. From the UK and hope to build some exciting projects.


whats up,
Names Ryan, I’m in the navy currently working on submarines. want to take on coding as a side hobby maybe something to do after the navy. good luck to the other noobies.


Hello! My name is Lizz, I’m a beginner interested in learning front end web development. Looking forward to participating in this community and learning with you fine folks.


Hi, I’m Bridget, I live in New York City and work in the Arts. My title includes the word “programmer” but the things I program are specialized to my field and I have no knowledge about actual computer programming. So I thought I would try to learn a little something about real computer programming.


Hi I am Aishwarya! i just completed my graduation and i am looking forward to up skill myself by learning web development using The Odin Project. Looking forward to having a wonderful time and an enriching learning experience.


Hello. My name is Dontay. I’m currently a Business Major in my first semester of University. Originally I’ve always wanted to go into programming of some sort but I was never quite sure. For the past 6 years I’ve worked in a retail setting so I assumed that’s what I’d do for the rest of my life, and this would be a way for me to further that career. I’m going to start learning using The Odin Project to decide if I want to switch my major to programming before I get too far into it. I’m really glad I found this and I’m excited and eager to go about my journey with you all here!


Hey everyone! I’m Holden, and I’ve just started to learn some code at freecodecamp, and thought I’d supplement what I’m learning by coming here and getting some fresh perspective. :slight_smile: I’m looking to start a side career, and really enjoying it so far.


Good Day everyone!
Carl here from the Philippines. Starting to take the plunge and try out learning code, as a hobby, but hopefully as a source of income in the future. I had started to love coding in High School, but never really got to pursue it because college got in the way. Hopefully this time, I’ll do it better.

Glad to meet everyone!


Hi friends and fellow programming community! My name is Cory and I am fairly new to the world of code and programming (just a few weeks). I’m here to find support and a community to grow with. I’ve always been a creative person–graphic designer by trade you could say. I’ve also always been into creating things for the web.

I’ve decided that I want to learn a new skill and stretch my creativity even farther. I’m not quite sure yet what I want to get out of this journey, but I would love to work on the front end side of development, I think. Creating applications, websites, and things that can help folks and get people excited makes me very excited! I look forward to talking and getting to know more of you all in the future, happy learning!


Hi everyone!

I am from Chicago, IL and am new to coding.

I am switching careers and want to be a front end developer. Excited about the Odin Project and the skills I am about to learn!


Hi everyone,

I’m from Toronto, ON, i’m a recent graduate from college and wasn’t able to fully decided what kind of programming career i wanted to do. So i decided to try my hands on web development and see how far i can go.

I honesty look forward to this new experience.


Hello everyone!

My name is Acar, and my plan is to use the Odin Project to help me become a better programmer and full stack web developer. I am currently working on a project myself, and I hope to use the things that I will learn from the Odin Project to help me complete my application!



I’m from Germany. Let’s do some web development.


Hi i’m from England,


Hi, from Nashville, TN. I am new to the Odin Project and goal is to learn coding so I can make a switch in my career. I have always been interested in coding but now I have decided to commit and learn how to code.


Hey fellow coders,

From Los Angeles with a sales background in the Merchant Services industry. I thought coding would be a great new venture for me because I love learning. At 30 years old, I was inspired by the post of a 32 year old 4 years ago making a career shift. Let’s see what this is all about.

Thank you so much for all the effort that went into this project and I look forward to testing my “limits” in coding.

Good day to everyone.


Hi all,
I am from Chattanooga TN, I am looking to make a career change from finance into programming. Wish me luck.


Hello everyone. My name is Aditya. I’m a Computer Science undergrad in his final year who’s finally found motivation to make a change in his lifestyle and make continuous progress towards the career of web development. I know the basics and am here to keep myself on the right path and land a job as a web developer inside 10 months.


Hi all! My name is Lauren, I am South African. I’ve started to develop an interest in coding as I enjoy learning new things. I’m a complete newbie to this field, but I am looking forward to the challenge. Really excited to see where this can lead and look forward to being a part of this community.