Hello, my name is Tim, I’ve been building and fixing computers on my own time for about 14 years. I’ve always wanted to learn how to code, but I always thought that if I made computers my official career that it might affect my love for the craft. I’m taking the dive as a 29 year old, married, father of 3, I currently manage a dry-cleaners start up, and have taken some power engineering, but I know it’s not my passion. I’m hoping that learning how to code and make my ideas a reality will spark something for me to finally take the dive into coding/programming as a career.




Hello everyone and @odinbot! I’m excited to be apart of TOP and start this self-taught journey. Looking forward to seeing where I am in a year. Hopefully with a full time, awesome paying remote job as a Software Engineer/Developer.
Nice to meet you all and looking forward to helping who I can and how I can, in addition to learning everything possible here and more and spreading my knowledge.:smile:


Hi! To find out what I can do, say @odinbot display help.


Hi there! I am Jeanette, from Western Colorado. I am learning to code so that I can build myself a career that I can be proud of and so can my kids. In Western Colorado, it is really hard to make it as a single mom without a college education (I guess it’s difficult anywhere, really). So I decided to take matters into my own hands, learn a great and marketable skill and pursue the life I deserve!


Hello all, I’m a new computer science student wanting to get more guidance and practice outside of my course work.


Hi everyone. My name is Will. I’m a software developer that has no experience with Ruby, so I’m looking to learn on this forum.



My name is Max, I’m from the United States and I am new to programming. I’m looking to make a career change and am interested in programming. I’m excited to learn new skills and discover new opportunities for my future career.



My name is Brenden. I dropped out of school for mental health reasons and I’m just now starting a new full time job. While I’m working I’d like to try and learn to code because I’ve always had a passion for computers and I’d love to make this my career.


Hello all,

My name is Micah. I am currently working in sales and almost completed my bachelors in solftware engineering. I am looking for a little more study time to get into the job market within the next 9 months. I do have a full time job currently. I look forward to working with you all.


Hello all,
I am Asharib Jamshid from Pakistan, l love learning programming. Currently i am working on my web development skills. I hope this forum helps us all to learn more and be innovative.


Hello Everyone,

Im Joseph from Vermont, USA. I recently graduated with a business degree and am unable to find work. I minored in computer science and am looking forward to collaborating with everyone here to reach our goal of learning programming.



Hey everyone!

I’m Julian. I have been working in Human Resources for 5 years since graduating college with a degree in Labor Studies. I don’t feel challenged by the work I’m doing and recently have taken a strong interest in programming and trying to learn to code. I’m hopeful this will lead to a career change in the next year or so. Excited to be here!


Hello my dear community, my name is Jesus I am from Venezuela. I am 29 year old and I just have a basic notion about development web, always this topic get my attention and just now I will put all my effort for make my ambition and goal real. thanks.


Hi, I am Lucas. I live in Goleta, CA. I would like to be a web developer because I love creating things and finding solutions to problems. I hope that I can build up my web development skills and use them to make the world a better place.


Hey everyone! I’m AJ and today is my first day on the journey to becoming a Web Developer! Yay! I’m really excited to learn something new, get closer to regaining my time freedom and doing something that could allow me to make a greater difference in my life and others! I live in Los Angeles, work full time in sales, study acting and am wildly creative. Let’s do this. Looking forward to collaborating with you all! Xo


Hello my name is Alex, I’m from California. What drew my attention to web programming was my cousin. I then began to read about it and the more I looked into it the more I liked it. I hope that I learn, be proficient and hopefully find a career.


Hi! I’m totally new to coding and looking for a career change! Have just started the web dev 101 course.


Hi there!
I am Paul from India, and have an interest in learning web development. I’m new to programming; I hope it’s a wonderful skill.


HI, I am Anurag Singh,a student from India, who is looking for a new hobby and is quite fascinated by coding. So i decided to hop into this course and maybe try and learn a new skill in life.