Hey everyone :wave:
I’m T from the US. I previously worked in healthcare, but I had to give up my career about 7 years ago for health reasons. Now, I’m determined to forge a new path for myself and move forward. I’ve done a few courses through Khan Academy, Codecademy and SoloLearn already, but I found The Odin Project and thought it looked like an amazing opportunity. See you around!! :v:t3:


Hi! I’m Rob from Canada. I have spent the past 15 years working in the construction industry, from working as a general labourer, to owning my own business. I have been wanting to switch careers for a while now and have always had a great interest in programming. I took a few courses in high-school but now I am looking forward to working through the Odin Project and I hope I can successfully make a career of coding!


Hi all, my name is Ceeon. I live in NYC i have been dabbling in coding for quite a while but never really took it serious enough. I have finally decided that is the time to pull it together and seriously do something that I am always excited by. It is my hope that with the support of the Odin community I will persevere.

Happy Coding!


Hi everyone, My name is Rolan Rivas, i’m 23 from Maracaibo, Venezuela. I’ve been learning here and there though out the years a little bit of webdev mainly on front end stuff, but i’d like to be a full stack developer and develop for a living because i like it very much.

Although, i’m not a person that ask for help even when i need it, i’l make the effort to RSA my way into problems as well as share my code with you guys and also when i’m more experienced help others in their path.


Hello! My name is Amy and I’m from, well, all over the place but I’ve come to call North Carolina my home. I’m currently on my way to get a Software Development degree and think that the Odin project will be a great additional resource as I learn as much as I can about web development. :smiley:


Hi! Im Hijaz from Earth! Nice to see fellow friends here. anyway, lets get started


Hi, my name is Anna. I’m a university student in Canada. I used to code a bit when I was younger, but I gave up. I wanted to pick it up again so here I am.


/giphy hi
My name is Tommylee and I am new to all of this. I want to learn how to use computers and code. I find all of this exciting and hope to learn a lot. I am in the South Florida area.


Hello everyone, I’m Matt, a biologist turned technical writer, now looking to learn coding skills to bring some pet projects to life.


Hi I am Israel from Nigeria. I am a Biomedical scientist but I have never really felt fulfilled at my work. Computers on the other hand, make me happy. I am always hungry to know how things work on computers and why they do and the little knowledge I get those times make me feel satisfied and happy. Now I have taken a major decision to go all in. I believe this is where I truly belong. I look forward to learning and achieveing my dreams with help from the Odin project.




Hello! My name is Cristhian Im from mexico, I currently have a bachelors degree in indutrial engineering, Im lookinng to learn how to code and become a developer in order to achieve personal goals for self development.


Hi, Im Simon from chile, I love working with computers, but im new in develop so I hope to find in this project more information and finally becoming a great developer.


hello all.
my name is sam. I’m from the u.s. im interested in learning coding to make apps or maybe full version video games one day. p.c., console, i just love games and i figured if i wanted to get my thoughts out and see them maybe i can do it through digital means.
looking forward to learning this and making new friends.


Hi all, I’m Aaron, from England. I have a bachelors in mathematics and some experience with different code-based programs, as well as interests in different programming languages. I’ve been unemployed a while, I’m hoping this is the start of changing that and exploring/developing upon my interests in the process.


Hi, my name is Famous and I am from Germany. I have HND in Computer science.


Hello, I’m Chris from the USA. I’m new to the world of programming and am looking for a new challenge and to continue to learn in a new subject area. I look forward to working with all of you.


Hi! I’m Seppo Hyvärinen from Finland and I got interested in web developement just recently because I wanted to build an own website from scratch for my music project, I hope to learn how! Everything related to web developement is totally new for me but I already find it interesting.


Hey everybody,
i’m Torben from Hamburg in northern Germany.
I work in a digital analytics agency as a consultant and i am here to improve my skills and learn many new things. Please feel free to contact me for the best Labskaus recipe in the world :wink:


Hello everyone! I am Peter Chou and I recently graduated from Stony Brook University in NY with a Bachelors degree in Computer Science. I have a passion for coding and hope to make my print here in Odin Project. I look forward to networking and working with this community!