Hi, I am Martin Sewornu from Ghana, I love working with computers but i haven’t specialized in a field, its time i get a carrier from what i love doing best, hope to learn more from here.


Good evening,
I’m Renato, a new member of the community. I’m looking to learn as much as I can before landing a front-end web position. I’m looking forward to The Odin Project.



Hey, there! I’m a doctor from France who needs a new challenge. Am really hoping coding will bring me to Nirvana.

Peace, Maria




Hello, I’m Georgia.
I’m looking to learn new skills and potentially develop my hobby/passion into a career.
Looking forward to working through the project.



Hi Sewornu, Welcome!


Hey I’m Claude from the States, new to the community and to the coding world. I’m looking to build this interest into a potential hobby and possibly a side career. Look forward to meeting others and networking.


thanks Chris


sure lets network to make it


Coo, I’m still working my way through the course.


same here


Hi there! I’m Sam from California. I previously worked in marketing at tech companies but am interested in a change; I have a good feeling about coding and web development! Excited to be here.


Hi, I’m Josh from Georgia. I am a student at a college learning computer engineering, but I want to learn this side of computers too. I thought I would start out with this tutorial.


Hi! I’m Maddy from the States. I’m an engineer by training, now working as a digital project manager. I’m looking to improve my technical skills.


Hello everyone, I’m a student from Strasbourg, France looking to learn web development. I plan to enter a Master’s degree in September and until then, would like to know as much as possible about web development.


Hi all,

I’m Bill from Georgia. I’m a recent college grad currently working at a large Fintech firm with the eventual hope to make my interest in a coding a full time career.



I’m Matt, new to the Los Angeles, CA area. After deciding to hang up my hat as a musician, I’m looking to pour my creativity into coding projects. I can’t wait to learn and bug you all with my struggles :slight_smile:


Hello all,
In Denver, CO, looking to learn as much as I can while pursuing a CS degree. Thanks in advance!





I’m Shankar from Paris