Installing Xubuntu 18.04. on Oracle VM VirtualBox


i am having trouble installing Xubuntu 18.04. and i am not sure which link i need to download. i have an intel base system, running windows 10 pro 64bit.


you want the LTS version, its the “ready for the masses” version.

I haven’t used virtual box in years, but in the old days the 32 bit versions worked the best with it. The 64 bit used to work okay, but getting access to printers and peripherals was a pain. However, chances are that is all been fixed in since I used it. Both the 64 bit and the 32 bit will work on your 64 bit machine.

If I were doing it today, I would download the 64 bit version and try it out. If it caused problems that I could not solve, I would remove it and install the 32 bit version.

Aside from that,, may help.

Persist > luck!


I have the same problem and I cannot solve it :frowning:


I finally solved the problem with this