Installing Ruby on El Capitan


Hey all, Noobie here just getting started.

I have sucessfully installed Ruby on my laptop. However, while i was installing the various stuff i came across this warning message


I am running El Cap on a 2012 macbook pro, haven’t updated it because i was worried the new os would slow stuff down.

My questions are

  1. if i update my os to the most current os, will that screw up all the ruby installs i just did?

  2. is there a way to make this right without updating my os.

Many thanks! My bad if this is not posted in the right place/ has been answered before


You should be fine without needing to update macOS. Those message are more so “hey, you’re OS is kinda old so if you run into issues, you’re on your own”. If you do run into issues, just Google the error messages to see if there are others with the same issues who have your OS.