Installfest - Create A Rails App - Need some help


Making my way through the installfest and I’m having some issues with “Create a rails app”

not sure what’s going on or how to fix it… would appreciate some help


Looks like you’ve already created the test_app and creating it again is looking to overwrite it.


Yeah… I tried again because my first attempt failed…
I deleted the folder called railsbridge and tried again but no luck


So I removed the railsbridge folder and tried again.
It worked up until I had to type “rails server” in the terminal…
This is the error I received:


It’s saying you haven’t installed a JavaScript runtime. The main one is nodejs. I prefer to use nvm to manage my node versions. It works in a similar way to rvm for Ruby. Google nvm and follow the instructions to install both nvm and then node and you should be good to go.