Installations and Prerequisites


I decided to start the Web Development 101 course but I encountered a problem after installing VirtualBox and Xubuntu. I could get everything running but I’m unable to install VSCode, the problem is that I am not using a personal computer and the network I use doesn’t allow me to download vscode from the website (when I try to install vscode “wget -q -O- | sudo apt-key add -” I get an error and I can’t find a workaround). I can’t drag and drop the file or copy it to xubuntu, I can’t get shared folders to work either.

Is doing the course in xubuntu from a virtualbox really necessary? I installed vscode on windows10 just fine, I don’t know if anyone has a suggestion so I can start with the course, thanks.


Which track are you looking to do? Full stack Ruby or Full stack JS?


I wanted to start with the FRONT END ONLY course. The main problem is that the network I use blocks a lot of websites and ports and I can’t (and shouldn’t) work around that. Xubuntu is running just fine, I just can’t install VSCode


For the front end only course you won’t need a virtualbox and could get that working on windows without any problems I can think of.