I'm I too old for this?


Hey! I’m Kevin from North Carolina. I’m a 38 year old father of 2.My professional background is in the culinary arts,my experience with web development is basically nil.I have a passion for technology and a strong desire to learn what I need to switch careers and become a tech professional.My end goals is to gain the knowledge and skill set require to build Alexa skills,chatbots, IOT apps. I’m very passionate about Smart Homes and would ultimately like to start a business of my own focused around the consultation,installation and configuration of connected devices,and writing code to run it.


never too old man! come on now…you can do whatever the hell you want with your life. I got my first tech job at 37 after working in restaurants for 15 years.

get on it man! time is of the essence.


Thanks man I actually don’t feel too old just thought I get a reply with that title. I super excited to get on it the words of encouragement are appreciated


I tottaly agree with you ! Be more confident , remember the knowledge is always a work in progress , never is enough , and never is late !


@codedirtybastard Great username!

And I’m 40.

When us dudes were younger, we used to tell all kinds of women that age “ain’t nothin’ but a number”…why do we forget that?! LOL

Feel free to teach yourself about Discord if you’re not already familiar with it.

A couple of us from TOP have started a Server, thanks to @robbiesoho

Here’s an invite:


I’m 37 and am just learning to code also. I read an article a few minutes ago about a woman in her 80s who is considered the oldest app developer and she started in her 60s so I’d say probably not too old. Here is a link on CNN.


Man, I’m 49 and re-committing myself to learning WD. I got the bug for it about 3 years ago. I have been through the stages of starting and stopping, tutorial rabbit holes and information paralysis many times over those 3 years. I’ve decided to get serious this time and persevere through it all. It’s something that keeps popping into my head all day long, lol. Never let self doubt and insecurities keep you from attaining your goals. There will always be tough moments, just put on your game face and run the gauntlet anyhow! I hope you much success!


hey thanks or the invite brodi


Hey Beezy care to tell me a bit about that first tech job


I’m 50. Going to the gym is getting a lot more difficult than it used to be but I’ve got 20 years of work left sigh so plenty of time for a career change